Top 5 DIY Ideas This Summer

I am all about DIY projects this summer, thanks to my toddler’s love for home art projects, and the joy of creating something fun and useful from regular stuff. Like always, the friendly YouTube channel of Mad Stuff with Rob is my ultimate go-to friend for inspiration and I’ve written about a few projects I did with Rob (virtually, of course – though I hope the toddler gets to go and be a guest on the show or something someday) on this blog. 

And apparently, my posts have inspired people to indulge into some DIY of their own. Okay, so maybe I didn’t “inspire” them, but at least I got crafts and arts back to their attention years after leaving school. That has to amount to something, right? So, along with Rob, I am taking full some credit for this burst of creativity. It’s only fair.

Anyway. A lot of people have asked me my favorite DIY projects this season, the ones I have tried and my daughter has enjoyed to no end. And if you are also looking for a few DIY projects to do this summer, this is the place for you.

Here are the Top 5 DIY Ideas for this Summer, along with videos.

1. Hulk Head Plant Holder

All you need is a house plant in a planter, paints and brushes, some sponges, markers and pencils. Remember to use acrylic paint if your planter is plastic, because acrylic paints last longer than your regular poster colors. The painting and drawing part here is fun and fit for a slightly older child, say six or more? Because my toddler is too small to color within the lines right now, I did it for us and enjoyed it thoroughly. But man, Rob’s painting skills are amazing and I could not paint the Hulk as nicely as he did, obviously, lacking in details, but he still looks like Hulk and I’m glad! Also, I think we can make some other cartoon characters like this too, no? Maybe a Minion looking up, hm? Yeah, I’m still working on the idea. Meanwhile, you watch the video below and make your own Hulk head. 

2. Party Hats

My little girl is turning 3 this weekend and it is party time in the house, so this Party Special video is our current obsession. And like Rob says, party has art in it and you can make your party special with personal touches here and there. This one is simple and oh so much fun! In fact, my toddler can make little popcorn holders, or treat bags, all by herself! The party hats are very simple too, and make totally adorable head gear for little girls. And the Styrofoam cup fairy lights are pretty cute. Watch all this in the video below, if you want to see the process of these DIY party things.

3. Insanely cute DIY Glitter Bugs

Okay, so these bugs are really very cute and I love them so much that out of the five we made, I’ve secretly kept one away from the toddler and it is sitting pretty on my work desk, on top of my book-stack. Why, yes I have a book stack at work too, you never know when you feel the urge to read! Also, there was a time on my life when I almost got a red bug tattooed permanently on my back, so to say that I was into bugs, will not be wrong, hehe. Anyway, you need a few more supplied for this one than the others on my list, like Plaster of Paris, and adult supervision is required lest you are okay with pop paste sticking to the floor. But let me assure you, it is worth the effort. The beetles are insanely cute!

4. A DIY Minion!

Okay, so my daughter loves all things Minion. From the good yellow minion to the evil purple ones. We took on this DIY project only for her to add more strength to her minion army, if only to hang it on her play-room wall, and we had lots of fun while doing it. It is amazing how easily Rob teaches to draw a minion, and I am proud to announce that we got it right the third time (all complete with the toddler wanting to color or throwing a fit to add a hair-bow to the minion. Though we are still to get this art framed because we did it just yesterday, the end result is pretty damn cool and it is secured on the fridge door with – you guessed it – a Minion fridge magnet. See the video below for instructions. 

5. What’s better than a cute DIY Snowman in a beanie? 

You’ll need plastic ball, a squeeze-y ball, a white (preferably clean, ha ha) sock, some thread, red ribbon, few buttons and glue. Method in the video below and let me tell you, it comes out very cute. I had to try a few times to get the tying right but finally I nailed it. And this DIY snowman in a beanie is now my daughter’s favorite toy. Instructions in the video below.

These are my favorites in DIY projects and I’d like to see you do it too. So, if you’re in a mood for some cool craft, try one or all of these or follow the Mad Stuff with Rob YouTube channel here. And hey, lemmi know how it goes, okay? Have fun!

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    Pratishtha Khan

    (May 13, 2015 - 5:12 pm)

    They sounds hajjar fun, no! I am a full of DIY person.

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