Street Harassment in India

What’s the most common thing on the streets of India? besides cows and road rage and the lack of traffic rules, I mean. 

Yes, Street Harassment. Bingo!

Mother Jones

If you’re a female of the common-junta variety, you know I am right. Walking on the street is directly proportional to being harassed in public. The types of this harassment are many – 

  1. The only ogling kind, where the culprit doesn’t do a thing except devouring you like a plate of tandoori murgi that he can can have with alcohol (reference to Kareena’s regressive and absolutely addictive song Fevicol is purely intended.)
  2. The cat-calling kind. Comments, remarks and compliments about your appearance, dress, or even certain body parts. But don’t fret because hey, boys will be boys AmIRite? Plus, it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Chill.
  3. The flashing kind, you know, where a member of the Boy-Will-Be-Boys-Haha clan drops his pant and scars you for the rest of your life. Or the day, at-least. But oh, they mean no harm! They are just assume that you’re walking around hoping to see the male genitalia in all it’s glory, an innocent assumption. Don’t take it personally.
  4. The touchy feel-y grope-y kind. They touch your body just out of nowhere, walking past you on the street or crossing you and swoosh, there goes the hand! It’s sad, really, but why were you in the street all by yourself in the first place? Maybe you weren’t dressed right and hence, by definition, #AskingForIt?  Or oh, your NO means Yes anyway so it’s not like touching you is violating you in any way, right?

It’s all in your own head, silly! The trauma of the streets is not really that big a deal so stop exaggerating, girl. it perfectly normal and which is why you should take it in your stride and move the fuck on. Come, let’s move inside a safe place, actually, because staying indoors, staying covered, staying invisible is the solution to everything that’s wrong with the society that treats us women as objects. Genius, no?

Street Harassment

You, a women, being on the street, is the root cause of street harassment and hence you are the one to blame, really. What? If you don’t believe me, ask a passer-by while you’re being street harassed. He’s hurrying away form your molester, but I hope he takes 2 seconds to tell you that it’s your own problem – just so you know that I’m right. yeah, I need validation, it’s a ‘being women’ thing, ha ha.

I found this lady on the internet, and omg it’s like she just doesn’t get it. What is she even saying? Seriously, #IDon’tEven.

Anyway, enough about the streets. If you want to know the amazing responses we women get after being street harassed, please read my article on Huffington Post called My Friend Was Sexually Harassed And This Is What People Had To Say.It’s hilarious, really! People have such a good comic-sense, man.

A version of this reaction-to-street-harassment-article also appeared on Women’s Web HERE and since you are indoors because Boys Are Being Boys on the street – go read both of them and send me some love for this profound post, okay? Okay cool. Toodles! 

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