One of the 20 Contemporary Indian Women Writers On Twitter That You Should Follow

So Women’s Web featured me as one of the 20 Contemporary Indian Women Writers On Twitter That You Should Follow, and it was great. I really do twitter like an erratic habit – nothing for hours and then a hundred and three tweets in fifteen minutes (zero exaggeration) so it is amazing to be on that list. 

Read it HERE.

Much happiness is happening.

What’s even more fun is to be featured with women so cool! 

Okay, so I don’t really know all of them, but I do know quite a few and OMG you guys, eM is on that list! *fangirling*

A million thanks to Indy, fellow blogger and Army Wife, for this. I am also featuring in her spectacular article for ChaT magazine – well, my book is featured and she’s quoted a couple of my favorite parts of the my book so that’s tots amazeballs. (Sorry, reading too many YA books this week!)

Top Blogger India
This is Indy’s Article!

I also took part in (read: barged in) a Twitter chat with BreakthroughTV on the issue of Street Harassment and it resulted in this, and the picture below which they later shared on Facebook.

Aditi Mathur Blog Author

Looks pretty damn cool, if you ask me. 

You remember I wrote for them last year? The post is called Let Us Pick Up Our Books & Pens, is very close to my heart, it still gets huge traffic to this blog and if you haven’t read it, maybe you should. As loyalty and stuff. To me. Obviously.

In other news, the toddler is now going to Summer School, only she says it like – Summah Skool which sound pretty posh and I’m not even correcting her. She thinks her birthday is everyday and insists on a “Birrrday Parrrtiee” every evening, but though her vocab is good for 3, I am letting her mispronounce a few words because – Major Cuteness! 

Yes, yes, I know, I have become “Those People” who swoon pathetically and very publicly over their kids – hey, I even wrote about it here on World of Moms – but I guess that’s one of the million Parenting Side Effect. It messes with the mind, the whole parenting game – you think that the entire universe should be focused on your child. And maybe it should be! Who am I to say? After all, I am just a mom, missing her summer school going toddler, who went just a hour back and will be back in another. 

Sigh. It’s true, you know, the madness with which we love our kids, is severe than our first love! It’s all consuming. 

Um, what was this post about? Yeah, so go, read the post on Women’s Web and I’ll see you on Twitter. And also here. And oh, Instagram with #ToddlerSwag. And how can we forget my several Facebook pages? Then there’s GoodReads and I think I also have a Tumblr or two. God, how am I even living this virtual multitasking life is beyond me. Maybe doing social media like a woman possessed is my Super Power, yes? Yes!

Okay wrapping this up now. Got work to do now and an Army Party to attend in the evening, with saree and stuff. Will Instagram the fuck out of #100sareepact, promise. Ta-ta!

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