App is The New Myntra

A couple of weeks ago I read on twitter that on the 15th of May 2015, Myntra, the Indian fashion giant owned by Flipkart, is going the Only App way. 

I let it sink in for a few seconds.

Only. App. Way.


First things that sprung to my mind? Well, these things:

  • Brave move!
  • Risky as hell
  • Ahead of it’s time
  • (a little too) Progressive
  • (a lot) Ambitious, maybe
  • Super Duper Exciting! 

Shopping through  personalized smartphone app is as comfortable as it is exciting. You can shop from your bed, from you office cubicle, from the boring dinner party you’re attending and in your old comfy Power Puff Girls shorts! What’s not to love? 

I have shopped way-more-than-necessary clothes from Myntra over the years, and I got a pretty cool pair of shoes for my brother just last month, so it’s safe to say that I am going to be closely affected by the change. Only App, wow – I thought several times. Is it sustainable? – I asked myself. Is it wise? – I debated. But then again, aren’t smart phones a common necessity already? Most of us are like:

Smart phones are a way of life! 

We are almost addicted to our phones, checking Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp by the minute. We are updated on news on the go, and we consume content on the move as well. So what’s wrong with shopping on the go?

Smart Phones: One Stop Shop!

Myntra has taken the revolutionary road. It is exciting to see Indian firms being world leaders in not only technology, but also in strategy and sheer guts. It is exhilarating to watch an Indian company setting global standards. This will have massive implications on how the shopping experience will look like in the future. Myntra will become the world’s first mobile-only e-commerce player. 

Sachin Bansal, co-founder and CEO of the Flipkart said, “This is a very big moment in the history of India’s internet.” 

I. Am. Thrilled. Period.

India is world’s fastest-growing smartphone market – we are a country of 1.2 billion people, where every second person is less than 25 years old, is full of young, mobile-savvy users. Let’s take a look at the latest stats:


Clearly, smart phone usage is huge in the country, and it is only going to increase with time. Around 95% of Myntra’s traffic is being channeled through its mobile app already, according to Sachin. Mobile accounts for 70% of its total revenues, so they do have substantial reason for the App Move.

Mobile is a highly personal medium and so, a handful might disagree that keeping a shopping app on it might not be okay. They might ask – what about those who aren’t feeling the app game just yet? What about those who tweet “Don’t do apps! Bye Myntra!” 

To them, I say, well – it’s high time you get on the App Wagon. 

Seriously, it is 2015 and if you still don’t “do apps” then sorry honey, but you might not really be the in the Target Audience pool. This puts the app-shy folks in a minority here because – beat this – India’s million mobile internet user base is estimated to touch 213 million by June. Imagine that! And that’s not all, out Of the total time Indians spend on the internet, 90% is through mobile phones

This is the age of On-The-Go Living, personalized experiences and products and services that are tailored around our particular needs – the Myntra App Only way ensures each one of these, and more. 

But how do you convince the non believers? And trust me, there will be non believers because hey, change is not a welcomed entity. We do not like to change until we are forced to, and even then we try and hold on to the comforts of the old and familiar because change is terrifying. 

Remember how people did not want to ditch their Moto RZR for Blackberry? Remember how much resistance Android faced because we were all too comfortable with our two thumbs and the Blackberry? And OMG, remember when no one wanted to go for the Net Banking or Pay By Card options on Online Shopping portals? See my point?

Also, the competition will not take it easy. Apart from keeping close tabs on Myntra’s revolutionary App-Only journey, other e-commerce players will focus on people’s resistance to change and will try to acquire consumers the easy way – by saying that they are easily available, without any forced app download.

Yeah, so change is not going to be easy at all. In order to achieve the target of 5 million app downloads in the next 3 to 4 months, Myntra will have to figure out a way to reach out to people, to explain the benefits of their move and emerge as a forerunner. 

In short, Myntra needs a kick ass marketing strategy.

What can that be, you ask? What if I was donning the marketing hat of Myntra & had to sell the Myntra app? What will be my pitch? Well, I have always believed in taking the opposition head on and I think an aggressive marketing strategy would be the best way for Myntra to grab attention and for delivering the message that the App-Only way will the best way to go.

My Marketing Strategy For Myntra’s App-Only Route is a 3 Tier Approach:

1. Aggressive Campaigns to grab attention.

Grab attention! Rival brands have engaged in a few really aggressive ad-battles in the past, and though we haven’t witnessed the Pepsi-Coke, Audi- Mercedes, Apple – Microsoft kind of nail biting battle of ad-wits for a long time, I think it’s time Myntra indulged in some direct and head-on campaigns with its competitors, and gives us consumers a good show, ha! Okay, seriously, an aggressive campaign is the best tool to grab eye-balls so that the world stays tuned in to sit up and and listen to what the brand has to say. Also, the entertainment value is unmatched. There is anyway a lot of talk about the Only-App move, so why not leverage it? It’s all about the 3 most important things when it comes to marketing – Entertainment, Entertainment, Entertainment! Buzz generation is the biggest thing of today’s times, right? So go ahead Myntra, call out to all your competitors and tell the world you’ve taken the brave step, you are the leader of the pack, the alpha in the Indian e-commerce market. 

A few quirky and fierce things that came to my mind were (excuse the sloppy art work please, I’m clearly not a designer):
Amazon has some competition in Fashion!

App Dikhaao, Amazon!

They won’t but we did!

Dil Ki Deal, Only The Personal Way.

A head on marketing approach give an edge

A couple of other slogans that I just HAVE to share, are:

  • To all our competition – you keep the laptop, we’re taking over mobile, because #ItsPersonal
  • The game of fashion – Myntra’s Going Personal. Game Over.

2. Conveying the #ItsPersonal message

Get them to listen! Once you have the attention of the TG, ensure that you convey the message to them -because you’ve captured their attention, they’re listening!  Tell them about the  enhanced and personalized experience the App-Way ensures. An App can strengthen relationship with the client and make them stay. So, give them reasons to try it out at least once. Make them comfortable – make them stay. Make them come back – give them the best you can in terms of deals, service, quality, loyalty benefits and top of the line product. An App on the phone is incredibly personal, and if Myntra can make the user believe that the App is not intrusive or a nuisance, but a tailored approach to benefit him, so that he downloads the app, if only to check it out – it’s a battle half three-fourth won already!

The message that tells the consumer that this change is good. Personal is better!

The USP of the App Way is to extend a personalized experience to the user, that makes him want to try it out.

The  user should get the strong message that the App makes the user experience rich and personal.

3. Talking About Investing in High End Technology 

Build Trust! As the third, and probably the most crucial tier – Myntra should unleash a host of innovations such as a highly-personalized shopping based on size, body shape and fit, and should make the user aware of it’s benefits, because let’s face it – the final user who has downloaded the app to ‘check it out’, will be the final decider of if he wants to keep the app on his phone or not, and this depends entirely on his experience. Myntra needs to give an App experience that enchants the consumer, makes him feel at ease and most importantly, give him what he wants through a personalized experience. Once the consumer stays, give him reasons to talk about your high end technology and the pleasantly personal experience because there’s no marketing strategy like word of mouth, now is there?


And finally, a bonus point because when have I ever stopped at 3?

4. Net Neutrality.

It is not really a part of my Marketing Strategy for Myntra, but I stand for it. I want Net Neutrality to be an integral part of every e-commerce player, all over the world. It means a great deal to me, and to a lot of informed people. It might not help in business, but let’s save the internet and do our bit, okay Myntra? Okay.

Can you think of any more direct and entertaining slogans? Share with me and we can make a campaign out of it. It will be funnnn!

Finally, I just want to say that this is a good time for this transition. The world’s fastest-growing smartphone market, a country of 1.2 billion people where every other Indian is less than 25 years old, is full of young, mobile-savvy users. The smartphone penetration in India is expected to grow to 600-700 million by 2020 and this will also increase mobile commerce in India. 

And oh, let’s end with Sachin Bansal’s quote from the Myntra App-Only announcement press conference:

“India is trying to get ahead of the rest of the world in technology adoption,” Sachin Bansal said. “We are no longer mere followers, we can lead the way.”

Amen to that, and all the very best to Myntra and it’s immense courage and path breaking step, because hey, #ItsPersonal! 
What do you think? Let me know. 
Happy shopping, people! 

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