Street Harassment in India

What’s the most common thing on the streets of India? besides cows and road rage and the lack of traffic rules, I mean.  Yes, Street Harassment. Bingo! Mother Jones If you’re a female of the common-junta variety, you know I am right. Walking on the street is directly proportional to being harassed in public. The […]

Things To Teach My Daughter

I am doing this at the very last minute because I really want to be a part of the amazing #MomsforaBetterWorld Project by Women’s Web and it’s only minutes away from the deadline, but here’s my bit.  We all know that for a better world and a metaphorically brighter future, we need to ensure that we bring up […]

One of the 20 Contemporary Indian Women Writers On Twitter That You Should Follow

So Women’s Web featured me as one of the 20 Contemporary Indian Women Writers On Twitter That You Should Follow, and it was great. I really do twitter like an erratic habit – nothing for hours and then a hundred and three tweets in fifteen minutes (zero exaggeration) so it is amazing to be on […]

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5 Truths About Being An Army Wife

I originally wrote this Army Wife article for Huffington Post here, but I think sharing it on my blog is a good idea too – mainly for my readers who are asking me to write my next book soon! Hope this will do for now, lovelies.   I am an Indian Army Wife and I […]

Mother Knows Best: My First Expert

Three years back, I had my daughter and with her arrival all my smothering mothering instincts appeared to the surface. Today, after three years of on the job training, I think I am an expert at being a parent, and no one can tell me otherwise.  Like every mother in the world, I try to do […]

App is The New Myntra

A couple of weeks ago I read on twitter that on the 15th of May 2015, Myntra, the Indian fashion giant owned by Flipkart, is going the Only App way.  I let it sink in for a few seconds. Only. App. Way. Wow.  First things that sprung to my mind? Well, these things: Brave move! […]

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