Re-Cycle And Re-Use: Celebrating Earth Day With Kids

Earth Day was on 22nd April and it is a late post because I was busy celebrating it, of course, but I wanted to stress publicly on the importance of this day, the importance of environmental protection, so here I am.

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I am of the firm opinion that every one should celebrate Earth Day. We celebrate loads of lame days like Teddybear Day, Hug Day and Chocolate Day so why not something that actually means a great deal to each one of us ? Why not put in some effort to honor the Earth and the concept of peace, right? Okay, so maybe the last one isn’t lame, and it should not be just one day a year obviously, but you get the point.

Putting it mildly – Earth is the human race’s responsibility, now that we’ve exploited it for a lot many years. If we take care of nature, it’s resources, animals, plants and all things natural –  we are doing ourselves a favor, really, because only then will be able to survive on this planet for a little longer than it looks possible now. You know, the depletion of natural resources, the extinction of animals and the endangerment of certain species – they all are a message to us. A message that if we do not get our act together now, we can kiss goodbye to all dreams of a future where teleporting, telepathy or anything cool because – we will not be around that long.

Scary, right?

So let’s start by starting to care for the planet. Lets start by giving back to mother nature. Lets start celebrating Earth Day and no, I don’t mean parties with dressing as trees or animals is the dress code, I am talking about doing something for real. Something that helps us preserve and conserve what we have. Lt’s have compassion for the planet and for our own race.

And we don’t have to put in too much labor into it too! We can do our own little bit by being compassionate about nature, like mentioned above. By being considerate about other species on earth other than ourselves. By following the basics like not wasting water, electricity, petrol and not polluting the environment with our non biodegradable wastes etc. It’s simple really, we just have to get used to it. 

And coming to the most important thing – Let’s teach our kids to recycle and reuse, and teach them by example. Because how else will we make sure that the planet is in safe hands after we leave? Our kids are the future of us. Kids are the key to a planet that is healthy, full of resources and supportive of all living form. 

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This Earth Day,  I did a fun recycling activity with my toddler. We planted a few tiny plants in a few teacups. It looked mighty cute.

We then got inspired and moved on to a empty can of processed cheese and did this:

Also, as if as a sign form the universe, a tiny plant sprouted from a huge coffee mug that I had filled up with mud on an impulse a month back, and buried a few lemon seeds in it. It smell so yummy and citrus-y, this little thing! I’m so proud. Seriously.

And oh, it feels so rewarding and satisfying!

Another thing to teach our kids, is fun crafty stuff while re-cycling. Watch this super fun DIY Rob makes with an Old CD, and make it with your kid. Stuff like this keeps them interested and hooked on. And if they develop the habit of re use and re cycle of stuff at this early stage in their lives, they are likely to do the same as adults. Go on, watch this video:

Pretty damn cool, right?

I say you go ahead and subscribe to #MadStuffWithRob YouTube Channel HERE and do these fun things with your kids. I have subscribed to it and my daughter will be 3 next month, but she already loves to attempt a lot of Rob’s DIY stuff. 

I will now go and make this CD spinner with her, while you go and talk to your kids about the importance of Earth Day, think about the importance of cultivating environment friendly habits in your kids,  and begin today. 

Happy Earth Day! 

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