I’m Bringing Art(y) And Craft(y) Back

As a kid, I really loved the small little craft projects that school, books or a TV program for Art-N-Craft with a name that I’m forgetting taught me. From gluing my mom’s new saree to make a messy door mat, to getting hurt while punching holes into a rusty tin can to water the plants – I’ve done it all.

I am a DIY Fan!

Even now, as a mother of a toddler, I am pretty excited about cool and easy DIY projects. I don’t actually do much because – lazy and clumsy and messy, but I still manage to do a few interesting stuff here and there. I recently refashioned my toddler’s denims that was small by a size now, to a frilly skirt that is her current favorite. I cut out frills from her other clothes that were not fitting anymore, cut off the denim from right below the zipper and stitched the frills one below the other and – viola! This brand new super cute skirt is the latest addition to my Art & Craft portfolio and feel proud of it.

This project made me think of how I used to love Art & Craft Projects as a young girl, and trust me, I felt a strong urge to go back and take up the hobby again. You now, for some creativity, some fun and also for my little daughter. I think it is the right time to introduce her to crafts and the world of creating new and exciting things – the early they learn to embrace creativity, the better. And when it comes to Art and Craft, what’s better than MAD stuff with Rob, right?

Also happening simultaneously in the house, was my building interest in the upcoming movie Mr.X. It piqued my curiosity because:
  • I like Emraan Hashmi. I think he is an actor who deserves way more credit for his acting skills than he gets. I mean, name one role that he didn’t play convincingly. Go one, name it. See? You can’t think of even one movie where he felt out of place with the role he was playing. The entire industry and their relatives were sure that he will fail in his portrayal of Dawood Ibrahim in Once Upon A Time in Mumbai, but he nailed it. Now, I can’t imagine anyone in that role. (Sorry, Akshay, the sequel just didn’t get it right)
  • I loved the movie Mister India and Chotta Chetan (remember the 3D glasses they gave us in the theaters? It was the coolest thing for the then-me, my first experience with 3-D)
  • The movie looks interesting, with twists and a somewhat fun feel to it
  • It reminds me of my childhood when invisibility was the superpower I wished I had (specially during math exams, if you know what I mean)
  • And finally because of the song Tu Jo Hain from this movie, which is amazing, like almost all Sony Music songs and EACH and EVERY Emraan Hashmi song. 
So, with the movie Mr.X on my mind and determined to bring Art(y) and Craft(y) back, I Google-ed Mad stuff with Rob to find if it’s still on and if I can do some fun craft project with my daughter and look what I found!

Yes! This is MAD Stuff with ROB, with special guests: Emraan Hashmi and Amyra Dastur, the Mr.X Actress who is incredibly cute in this video and oh, her crop-top-and-skirt is to literally die for! Talk about coincidence.

In this extra special episode, Rob makes a super fun DIY optical illusion with the two stars of Mr.X the movie, or like it’s trending on twitter today – #MRX 

See this picture, they had a good time with magic, art, DIY and Rob.

Looks like Mr.X and Amyra had fun with Rob!

This optical illusion is so simple that I made a similar one at home with my daughter’s picture, and is so much fun to do that she is already looking for other pictures to fold into a fan pattern and make another one. Like all toddlers, she also loves to use glue stick like adults and I let her use it today, letting go of my fear that she will try to lick it or might stick her fingers together. Yeah, I am what you call a paranoid mother, but I’m learning.

It was so much fun to do this together, that I have subscribed to the MAD stuff With Rob channel here, and I suggest you do too. It’s super fun because it has a collection of amazing things to do with your kids, or just yourself because hey – nothing like a little creativity in life, right? I can assure you that the Mad Stuff With Rob YouTube channel will serve as a continuous boost to your imagination, and its innovative ideas will serve as a source of inspiration for kids and adults alike.  

And as for my next Mad DIY Stuff project, stay tuned because I have a few great ideas and I plan to execute them all, now that my toddler is into it too. Oh, the fun. 

And also, we plan to go watch the movie Mr.X. Are you planning too? 

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