Hotel Booking Tips in Delhi

I have made a lot of friends during my
numerous travels, and few of them are not Indian residents. Two of my
very good travel buddies are from Germany and UAE, and while they love
India for everything it has to offer – they tell me that hotel booking
in India is something they are always wary of.

Reasons? Well, safety is a big reason, along with budget, food
suitable for non-Indians and location. Sometimes, the people visiting
India for the first time, don’t know what to expect and what are the
things they should look for in a Delhi hotel. I try to help my friends
out (also their friends who want to pan a trip to India), by suggesting
hotels the fit their requirements to the best of my knowledge, and of
course Google.

Hotel Booking Tips in Delhi

In fact I’ve researched a lot on the subject to be granted a doctorate
in Hotel Booking Tips in India, ha ha! And in this post I am sharing my
tips for hotel bookings in Delhi for everyone who finds the whole exercise overwhelming.

An Easy Guide to Hotel Bookings in Delhi:

  • Decide on what you want. Do you want a 5-star stay or will one of the boutique hotels in Delhi
    work for you? Do you only want the room to sleep as you plan to travel
    all day long, or do you want to spend considerable time at the hotel
    with their room service and Spa specials?
  • Now make a list of your absolute must-haves, your main requirements, like: International cuisines, Budget, Location, WiFi, etc.
  • Based on the points above, focus only on the hotels that fit your list.
  • Read reviews of the short listed hotels on trusted websites. My
    tip, invest some time in the research and read reviews on more than one
    websites to get a clear picture.
  • Be aware that a lot of mid-segment hotels in Delhi
    have the best locations, like bang opposite the airport and right in
    the middle of South Delhi. I suggest you check these out too, because
    prime location
  • Compare rates!
  • Never book non-refundable packages. Because when you are travelling
    to India, you never know when an impromptu Goa or Jaipur plan presents
    itself and you have to leave earlier than planned! Travel is all about
    the experience, isn’t it? Don’t let the details stop you from having a
    good time.
  • When travelling to and in Delhi, you must keep in mind that the distances
    in the city are huge, and the traffic during peak hours can get tricky.
    Local transport, though easy to hire on the spot, can be time consuming
    and an unnecessary hassle (like the picture below shows very nicely, ha ha) every time you want to go from one place to
    another. Hence, I suggest you book a hotel that also plans your
    sight-seeing trip for you.

  • If not a sight-seeing trip, make sure your hotel at least has a
    cab/taxi for hire facility that can be called for whenever needed.
  • Safety is a big concern for international tourists in Delhi, and I
    suggest while booking a hotel in Delhi, you also do a quick online check
    on it’s credibility. Social media proves helpful in such cases.
  • Chain Hotels can be useful if you plan to travel to other parts of India.
  • For budget reasons, especially fit for student backpackers from
    around the world, you might want to stay away from hotel at prime
    locations because they are expensive for obviously reasons, but I
    suggest you do not go far into the interiors of Delhi just to save
    money. Find a balance, go for a hotel that is reasonably priced, but is
    not too far from the main city. (Unless you want to go offbeat, of
    course. And that is going to be a different post altogether!)
  • I have found that asking for a discount when paying in case, works. So go ahead, try your luck!
  • If possible, plan your check in on a week day. Weekend travel is a rising trend and hence, costlier.
  • Before checking in, do get a clear picture of the Hotel’s
    cancellation policy. It comes in handy when a spontaneous travel-plan
    comes up!
  • Ask about things like mosquito nets, TV channels, toilets and
    similar things that are important to you as international tourists.
  • Inquire about extra charge the hotel might charge, before hand so that there are no rude surprises later.
  • Re-confirm your booking a few days before you check in. Just to make sure everything is in place.

Those are the main tips from me for anyone travelling to Delhi.
Remember, a little extra care while planning a trip goes a long way to
ensure a trouble free travel experience. So my international friends,
and friends of friends, come to Delhi! The city will find a place in
your heart and you will carry it with you for years to come. 

And give me
a call when you’re here, I’ll take you to Dilli Haat and will
personally introduce you to some street food, because I believe in the
essence of Incredible India and the vision to make India a tourist
friendly place.

Travel More!

Post Author: Aditi Mathur Kumar

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