Five Restaurants to Try In Delhi

All my life I thought Delhi was a city
everyone knew everything about. Because I thought I did. But Delhi, my
darlings, is mighty mysterious. Turns out, no one really knows everything about it. And it changes so quickly! Every two months,
something new comes up and you have to keep yourself updated with these
changes. I once thought I knew Delhi well, in terms of the food and the
eating-out knowledge. I also knew a lot about fashion – where to get the
trendiest clothes and at best rates in Delhi. But alas, the city keeps


And it’s a good thing! You never feel bored of Delhi, it keeps you
intrigued. And while I love the colorful Delhi Haat, the always buzzing
Sarojini Naar
and the posh South Ex – I like to explore new things too. I
love that Delhi has so much more to offer, apart from the regular,
standard Khan Market – CP – Chandani Chowk touristy circuit. And if you
talk food, there is definitely much more than the Dilli-ki-Chaat,
Paranthey Wali Gali or Choley Bhaturey!

Five Restaurants to Try In Delhi

In this post I am sharing my list of five brilliant yet not-so-famous
restaurants to try in Delhi and NCR. These are places that are amazing
according to me, but don’t find place in the hot lists of famous Delhi
Spots. So if you are in Delhi NCR, do check these out sometime and let
me know your thoughts. Also, if you aren’t from Delhi, I recommend you
come down, book a hotel in South Delhi and check these restaurants out.

1. The Colony Bistro, Amar Colony Market. 

If you call
yourself a foodie, you have to try their four cheese baked pasta! It is
my favorite. Another hit is Falafel platter with meat balls. It is
yum-yum-yummy. They did not have a bar before 2013, but since then they
have a fully stacked bar with my favorite again – beer buckets. It is a
great place for small gatherings, or far a food and catching up meet
with friends. The music taste of the owners is commendable because they
play some great music and I’ve never heard them repeat a playlist. The
Pita Bread and Hummus is good too, and the hummus is fresh – which is a
novelty in most Indian restaurants. Go, check it out!

2. AMPM Cafe & Bar, Rajouri Garden. 

So I did not
have too high expectations of this one because the name for some reason
seemed silly to me. But boy, I was in for a surprise. The roof top
sitting was amazing, something you must check out. Brilliant ambiance.
The food is great, at least whatever I’ve tried here is good. And oh, the
music will just blow your mind! Eat to the rhythm of music (some might
find it a tad loud, though) and enjoy the view.

3. Nooba, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon. 

Okay, so I have
been told that few people find food at Nooba pretty bland and that is
because it is a place for authentic Chinese which obviously, is not
gives you a flavor punch as your Punjabi
tadka dal or Indian version of
Chinese. I am a fan of their Fish & Lamb Hot Pot and it is a must
try of you are a non vegetarian. It has a special place in my
food-loving-heart because I first went here with a German friend and she
was telling me about her hassles in
hotel bookings in Delhi, when the very helpful and gentlemanly manager stepped in and suggested a few good hotels in Delhi
according to her requirements, and it was such a good gesture. When we
thanked him, he said he has a daughter too so he understands. We loved
the food even more after this. And the cocktails are yum!

4. Ego Thai, NFC. 

Right behind the main Def Col
market, yet not many people seem to know about it. This is a authentic
Thai food place, so go here only if you have a taste for Thai curries.
The place offers
Sheesha for youngsters who like it, though I am totally
over it now. But the drinks and food is great. Top it up with great
service, cozy ambiance of the lounge, and great house music, and you get
an amazing experience. Try it, and let me know if you like it as much
as I do, or not, okay? Okay.

5. Flavors, Defense Colony. 

A lot of people have told
me that Flavors has now lost its charm, but I still like the place for
its simple take on things because it’s not something in your face about
complicated food or overwhelming décor. You go there for simple, flavorful food and you come back satisfied. Do try their think and
crisp pizzas and yummy desserts.  

So this is my quick list of five
restaurants you need to check out in Delhi NCR – for good food, good
time and good experience. If you decide to check any of these out
sometime, give me a shout out and let me know if you agree. Until then –
try something new.  

Happy Travelling! 

Travel more! Explore!

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