Five Bollywood Celebrities With Shitty Public Image

If you are the kind – like me – who gets distracted by anything shiny, then Bollywood is the shiny-est, sparkly-est and most distracting thing of all. We can all agree that no matter how much we pretend to “prefer” Hollywood movie and it’s stars, and no matter how often we declare our indifference to the Hindi Film Industry – in reality, we are intrigued beyond reason by it. The truth is, even in the teeny-tiniest of the ways possible, we do care about Bollywood. Even if only to diss the stars and to express our disappointment or to outrage at the quality of cinema. Right? Right.

Same is the case with me. Though I do not watch any TV while my toddler is awake, I do at times indulge in some mindless and harmless Bollywood gossip shows. I don’t follow any actor on Social Media, but through RTs and Timeline rants, I am normally pretty much up to the date with all the filmy talk that makes frenzied round on the wise World Wide Web.

Recently, I read a tweet on my TL saying how Arjun Rampal is a horrible person, um, a douchebag to be exact, and a lot of other people chimed in quickly – affirming the emotion in the aforementioned tweet. Some said he is rude beyond imagination, while others claimed he stays perennially stoned. I put in my bit too, based on what I’ve heard from people who, I’ve heard have met and/or at some point of time, dealt with celebrities including Mr. Rampal. It got me thinking – some stars really have a shitty public image for some reason, no?

What’s interesting is, there are stars who have terriorist-y connections and are still hailed as everyone’s beloved ‘Baba’, there are superstar who have hit women in the past, have  court cases for allegedly killing animals and people alike, and are yet the national sweethearts for some reason – and yet, a few others are torn apart for lesser sins. Public appeal? Good luck? Well, who can tell!

I understand that it must be super tough to deal with the kind of attention our stars get, and sometimes after a 2 days long shoot schedule a person might not be up for an autograph and selfie session. That, I totally get. I mean, I am a complete non-celebrity but I still get impatient dealing with people. No issue, only human, alright. But there seem to be celebrities who manage to piss off their most ardent fans just by one personal encounter. There are certain actors we love to hate. I find it interesting. Hence – this list. And well, the list might be different for everyone –  but here is my list of 5 Bollywood celebrities who could really work on their public image. 

But before the list,  let me prove that I am not the only moron writing about it. I Google-ed it and looks like a lot of people have a lot of things to say about people who they’ve never met. (This is my effort to divide the shame here – just go with it)

See? It’s not just me. There are other idiots (like me) with strong opinions about people they’ve never met.

Now listen babies, I am not including fake celebs like Poonam Pandey, minor celebs like Rakhi Sawant or even obvious-to-this-list celebs like Salman Khan in light of his recent It-Was-The-Driver court statement. This is a list of Hindi film stars that no one has good things to say about regrading their behavior towards the so called fans, or have gained a lot of negative publicity for just being -well – themselves. Here we go! Suggestions welcome, obviously. 

Five Bollywood Celebrities With Shitty Public Image:

1. Arjun Rampal. 

Almost everyone who has had a personal experience with him, seems to hate him. The most common reasons are that Arjun is extremely rude, has a bad attitude about his celebdom and is basically very unpleasant. I personally never found him hot, far from it, actually, and I can’t stand whatever he does in the name of acting, but he has some Devlali connections – a place I’ve lived in – and people there are of the opposite view. They remember him as a cool guy and a kind person – but this was before he became a star so who knows, right? But hey, personally speaking, I am going to believe the Devlali folks and give him the benefit of the doubt. Okay?

2. Aishwarya Rai

Okay so she is like unbelievably beautiful and very private : reasons enough for people to think of her as ‘Plastic’. But the sheer intensity of the internet’s wrath on her post pregnancy weight is a clear indicator that not too many poeple are on her side, that people somehow don’t like Ash. Doesn’t help that she keeps to herself. What I like about her is that she seems to not give a flying f#*k to anything that’s been said, though. That’s nice, no?

3. Saif Ali Khan. 

A very close friend has worked with Saif on various occasions for brand events that Saif endorses and my friend handles PR for. She hates him. According to my friend and her colleagues, Saif is very arrogant and loves gossip. What a weird combination, right? Another girl I know through work, says Saif lives in his own Nawabi world and is rude to fans. My indifference towards Saif morphed into disgust after watching Cocktail. He looked old enough to be playing Deepika and Diana’s grand dad! But other than that, it could be just these people I know, and maybe he isn’t so terrible in reality. Possible, right?

4. Farhan Akhtar. 

Let me begin by saying that I LOVE FARHAN. I love his sense of humor, his acting and his take on life (in the moves he’s made, obviously). But recently I’ve met a lot of people who say he hates his fans. Perfectly normal, considering how difficult it might be for these stars to have a normal life. But then a cousin who met him once at some Mumbai event, says Farhan doesn’t want to interact with his fans. He said Farhan even pokes fun at people who give him compliments, and then I sensed the same thing in one of the TV shows I saw him on. It seemed like he was having a good time at the expense of star struck fans, even if very subtly. Heart break! But then again, maybe if I was successful and had a fan following, I might indulge in some fan-ridiculing too. Okay okay, I already do that. To random people. But still, not in the public eye for god’s sake. Um. Maybe. I love Farhan. Purely Platonic. Maybe. You get the point.

5. Sonam Kapoor. 

Well, from no acting skills, to rich spoilt brat, from senseless fashion slave to miss big mouth – Sonam has heard everything. Twitter is brimming with Sonam jokes (I’m not including Alia Bhatt in this list, who obviously tops with the Yo Alia So Dumb Jokes) and people have said some pretty mean things about her. My take on Sonam, which is as far from an expert analysis as it can be, is that our girl just says whatever the hell she wants to, whatever the hell she feels at the moment. Which I totally get. I mean, everyone doesn’t need to be diplomatic about everything, it’s just plain boring, and Sonam is anything but dull. I yawn every time an actress say No Comments, so Sonam is a fresh change I like. Plus, she hasn’t said anything that I’ve not been thinking already. She pointed out Deepika Padukon’s over enthusiastic PR team a while ago, and now everyone is talking about it post the My Choice video. Sonam is fun, and though I don’t really watch her movies because – meh, I like her. 

Being in the public eye all the dame time, can be annoying. I can’t even imagine how they do it – have a life so exposed. I can’t deal with random sub standard reporters asking me rude questions about my alleged hook-up or about why I deleted a tweet. So yeah, a few slips here and there are only human, according to me. But rudeness – that I cannot understand. Well, unless a fan is trying to grope you or is abusing you. I mean, Google ‘Govinda Slaps Fan’ to see how nasty fans can be. Yeah, it’s usually two sided. 

Anyway. I will ask my mom for more insight on this subject, she is generally more in-sync with Bollywood than I am. Meanwhile, have I missed anyone? Let me know.

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