Travel in Style

The summers are here and travel
season is about to start. And no matter how much we like to sit by the fire (or
the heater, at least) in our favorite PJs with a mug of hot chocolate in
winters, we all want to shake it off and travel in summers. Beaches buzzing
with activity, offbeat getaways, serene hills and magical mountains –
everything call on to the travel-addicted soul. 

Our feet ache to walk on cobbled
streets of a foreign city and revel in its beauty, to try out the unexplored mountain
trail and experience the thrill, and to check out every shop at that incredible
night-market we read about in magazines! But obviously, it is not all that
easy. Travel in summers has its own set of concerns, AmIRight? Of course I am!
Travel in Style

While we have little control over
the plane reschedules, extra (better known as unavoidable) baggage charges,
train delays and jet lags– one thing we can control is how we look through it
all! True, travel can take its toll on our look and style, but there are ways
to work around it. No matter where I go, and I travel a lot, I always want to
have a good time at my own pace, and no get bogged down by schedules. Another
thing I want during my travels, is to look good. 

I want to look fresh and good, as
opposed to exhausted by all the touristy-travel stuff, or cakey and flaky by
over-done-makeup. And over years of travel, I have my own little tips for
achieving just that! Now, I am no fashionista, far from it actually – I work
full time I’m a mom and an incredibly lazy one at that. I travel a LOT and I am
not what you’ll call a slave to fashion. But I try to look fresh and feel good
about myself while I travel – and I hope this is what we should aim for during
long haul trips and exhausting travel schedules.

Here are my personal tips to
travel in style:

  1. Say No
    To Heavy Makeup
    . In fact, say no to makeup of all kind except a couple
    of lip colors – bright if
    possible, and mascara. My best makeup tip, even in non-travel days, is a bright
    lip-color – I swear by it. Carrying kohl in your bag
    is also a good idea as it is almost a makeup-staple for most Indian women,
    including me. Wearing foundation or blush while travelling can be a disaster –
    you will sweat and it will run and it will be awkward. Keep it simple and apply
    a bright lip-color that will instantly brighten your look. Adding a layer or
    two of mascara works like magic to “open up” eyes that might be sleepy due to
    jet lag or a night-out. A tinted moisturizer works well sometimes, but then it
    all depends on the place you are heading to. Pick your makeup accordingly
    because ‘When in Rome…’  – You know how
    the saying goes, right? 
  2.  Moisturize
    and Cleanse
    . Everyone knows that the biggest secret to looking good is
    healthy, glowing skin. Long
    travel can be pretty hard on your skin, so make sure you moisturize it well. Also,
    cleansing  your skin, especially the face, before calling it a night is
    incredibly important. Thorough cleaning of the skin is the second most
    important rule of Skin-Care-101 (First is never going off to sleep with makeup
    on, obviously). Pack a good moisturizer and do not ditch your favorite
    skin-care products, take them along! You are cutting on makeup, do not cut on
    skin care. Remember – skin care is NOT makeup, it is an essential. 
  3.  Trendy
    Luggage, Bags & Purses
    . I am a sucker for cute luggage that stands
    out in a sea of lackluster grey
    and brown suitcases. At airports and trains, you can up the style quotient by
    carrying luggage that’s cute and trendy. While exploring a new city, you can
    add to your look by adding a trendy purse. Be a head-turner
    with chic
    cross-body-bags while you travel freely. Think colorful, think
    fun prints, think bold. Instead of one big bulky can-fit-the-whole-world-in
    kind of hand bags, pack a few smaller, more interesting bags in different
    styles – Sling, Drawstring or Hobo. Bonus: All the pictures from your trip will
    not have you carrying the same bag. That has to account to something, right? 
  4.  No Sweats.
    Everyone, repeat after me: Sweat Pants Are For The Gym. Seriously, pajamas sweat
    pants and yoga pants are items that you should leave behind no matter how
    comfortable they are. If a pair of well worn denims is not your idea of
    comfortable travel, try a cotton maxi dress or even a flow-y skirt. There is no
    reason to roam around in sweats when you can slip something that’s stylish and
    is equally comfortable. Try comfortable cotton khakhis, chinos in happy colors or cotton lowers in various prints.
    Go for skirts. Try baggy shorts. Anything but sweats. 
  5.  Accessorize
    and Prioritize
    . Go for flats, ditch the heels. Okay, well, carry one pair
    of killer-heels for that visit to that famous club that’s on the city’s
    must-visit list in every Travel magazines, but mostly, rely heavily on
    comfortable yet good looking flats. Loafers are a good choice, and so are
    shoes. In fact my latest favorite travel footwear is a pair of bright neon-pink
    shoes. I also like Converse and simple walking shoes that are sturdy. When it
    comes to jewellery, keep uncomplicated pieces and store them separately. Trust
    me, untangling of jewellery takes me more time than planning an entire trip. My
    big hack is to pack 2 chunky necklaces, 4 or 5 colorful and uncomplicated
    bracelets, and different hair accessories like head bands and bow-clips to
    change the look. In fact, I like to keep a pair of bling-y hoop-earring in my
    chic little bag,
    for the just-in-case moments that always present themselves unexpectedly during
    trips and travels!

That’s it! Easy ways to make sure you look amazing even while you
travel. And really, I am not the one to vote for vanity, but looking fresh and
effortlessly good will always have my vote. I mean, who wants to travel looking
all haggard and wore out, right? 

So darlings, have fun while you travel.

Travel in style.

Travel more!

Travel in Style
And a stylish suitcase makes all the difference!

Post Author: Aditi Mathur Kumar

Author of 2 books. TEDx Speaker. Travel Writer. Blogger. Addicted to Travel & Books. Digital Media Strategist. Social Media Girl. Army Wife. Mom. Curious. Crazy.

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