Toddler Life. Enough Said.

Baby G will be 3 this May.
I know, I know – bizarre, right?
I mean, sometimes I think – Oh, she was just born the other day, teeny tiny bundle of love and joy and now she’s going to be 3, so big already? Aww. And at other times I think – WHAT, just 3 years? How is this taking so looong? 
Both are very normal responses to parenting, I am told. So that’s cool. 

The toddler phase is very cute and highly enjoyable, when compared to the infant phase. At least, it was for me. The non stop talking in toddler language is super cute, and you no longer have to worry about carrying baby food or several bottles of milk in your over sized handbags because the toddler likes to eat other things now, yohoo! In the phase that is Toddlerhood, being open to experimentation with other things is mandatory. French fries, cheese cubes, Blanket and artificial flowers for example. ‘DON’T EAT THE BLANKET!’ is my almost – catch – phrase these day, go figure. 

But all this is incredibly awesome, trust me. Whenever the baby is happy, their joy hits you like a tsunami and the joy overtake you. You forget about the spit covered clothes on you, or the tantrum at the restaurant or the eating only 2 bites for dinner thing. Happy babies are amazing! Parents are always, all the time, falling all over in love with their babies laughing and enjoying themselves. It’s probably the biggest joy, the strongest happy-feeling in parenting. 

And hey, it doesn’t take too much to make a baby happy. Thank God for that, right? My toddler is generally very picky, and it’s looking like she’s an introvert – but she’s very curious and loves to cuddle. A everyone knows that a cuddle from a toddler is the perfect cure for everything! 

So you see that happy babies are the cutest, right? And as
parents, we try our best to keep her that way. Which is tad tough these
days. You see, when she was younger, she was the happiest with her tiny
toys, a trip to the park and a dry diaper. Things aren’t so simple now because well, she’s growing up. To give you an idea, here is a list of things that makes my toddler happy:

  • Golf. I swear. She even has a tiny golf kit and is always putting the white ball away in no more than 2 shots. Honestly, it scare me a bit – I know nothing about Golf and well, about any other sport for that matter. Phew.
  • Coloring. Crayons, water colors, my oil paints, pen, pencils, markers – everything works. She’s not even picky about the painting surface – she’s water colored all our table clothes. She has used her dad’s thick red marker on his combat uniform which won’t fade no matter what product I use. But the crayon marks on the TV screen are only visible when it’s turned off, so that’s okay.)
  • Once a week or so – Conducting all day-activities inside her toy tent. Like eating, sleeping and painting. This day, it is impossible to get her to venture out of the tent so you’ll catch me handing out snacks to her from the tiny round tent window, and standing outside like the tent-fort’s efficient watch(wo)man.
  • Dogs. But for now, only the tiny ones for now. Big Labs and Bull Dogs scare her a bit I think. but she puts up a brave face and still tries to pet them. With time and height, she’ll love them too, I’m sure. And I’m so proud. Maybe now the two of us can blackmail my husband into getting us a dog!
  • Swinging. The girl can swing all day.
  • Music. She makes up songs and hums all the time. Her latest composition goes something like “Mumma Please Mumma Please please please don’t take (or break? It’s not very clear as of now) my toys. Ooo—hoo–la–laaa–laaa“. Don’t know how I feel about it yet.
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. It is a show on Disney Junior and she is in love with it.
  • Little mermaid. The story, I mean.
  • Her denims. She wants to wear denims all the time, even in the bed. When she was a baby, she used to wear it over snug and dry diapers so she was always happy. Now that she’s potty-trained, but not trained enough to undo the denim button on her own, it’s a little tricky. But we’re figuring it out, no worries.
  • Stickers. She’s always sticking them on every surface of the house.
  • Cheese – in all forms. But only in a very little quantity. 
  • Long drives in our car. She doesn’t like other cars except our own and is known to announce impolite things like ‘This Car Bad. My Car Good. Go Away. Okay Bye.’ But getting her to behave while inside the car is another story altogether and I will not even go there. (Hint: Involves car seat, never used, seat belt hate, standing on the back seat, doing somersaults in the back seat, using crayons on the shiny touch screen dashboard console. Excuse me I am having a heart attack or something even tying it out here)
  • Her new mug that has a straw and cute little owls on it that I recently bought. She literally drink everything in it.
  • My hair. 
  • Her dad’s guitar.
  • Lip Balm. I’ve had to actually hide all of mine. (yeah, well….I’m lip-balm obsessed too.)
  • Writing on the walls. We are now passing it off as ” This abstract graffiti on our walls is part of our contemporary design element.”
  • Her, er, I mean my iPad. She knows IOS trick that even I have no clue about.
  • And, to end this list, I just turned to her and asked ‘Baby what do you love?” hoping that she’ll say Mumma. She said Helicopter. Second try from me got ‘Gun’ as the answer. Maybe because it’s Holi today, the festival of colors, and she has been playing with her plastic gun full of colored water. There’s now way she saw people with big guns in The American Sniper that I was watching last night, right? No no, I’m sure she’s talking about the plastic water gun. Note To Self: Exercise T.V. control on yourself.

Quite a list, huh? But it’s okay because the toddlers are meant to be like this! At least they are acting their age, a thing I’m sure we can’t say about a number of adults we meet on a daily basis. And believe me, I am sure I am forgetting about 15 things here because she is currently trying to hide a half eaten slice of cheese under the bed-sheet and I’m a little distracted by it – oh…. Oh okay bed sheet disaster averted….. Wha-? OMG she rubbing the cheese on my her iPad now! Got to go! You watch this cute little video below and try to get over the mental image I just gave you of cheese and iPad. Sorry! This is the Toddler Life!

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