Ten Things I Miss About College Life

College life, according to me, is the second best phase of life.
First is obviously school time. It was for me, at least. While I still
miss my school days a lot, dream about being in school and having fun
and still sigh loudly every time I am in my home town and happen to pass
by my school, it is the college life that has comes flashing back at
various occasions. Maybe it has to do with the fact that in college, I
had begun to find out who I am. It was in college that I started to
understand myself better, and discover the person that I am. Life is
easier if you figure out yourself, seriously. That is when the real happiness begins – with friends.

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Post Grad College was a 2 year long celebration, like a super long
vacation with zero worries about food and stay. I’m serious, it really
was that fun for me! We were a big group of friends and we had a lot of
fun, all the time! I wish I was that innovative or as daring now, as I
was back then. Ah, the Legen- wait for it -Dary college memories!

So yeah, I miss college life a lot. And here are the top
ten things that make me wish I was in college again, if only for the
pure emotional value.

  1. Late Nights. At home, late nights meant staying up
    late gossiping with my sister and brother, or reading a book. In
    college, the definition changed drastically. Now, a late night meant a
    bunch of girls dancing in a tiny room on Latest Bollywood Hits, then
    making Maggi  in glasses with the help of not-allowed-in-hostel heating
    rods, or finishing up project reports to be submitted the next morning.
    It was crazy and you know how much I love crazy, right? Miss those day!
  2. Food. I got the taste of the college mess food
    only when I went to college. And we loved to hate it! Hence, we ate
    everything else that we could find. From stealing lunch boxes from local
    kids, to eating vegetable Maggi at the small dhaba outside the
    college. And then there were times of celebrations – birthdays and
    results – when we would dutch-in and head to a fancy restaurant and eat
    to the satisfaction of our hearts. College is where I experimented with
    food and fell in love with it.
  3. Graphic  Tees. Seriously, no one can rock a Graphic Tee
    like a college goer can. In fact, I am sure that the concept of cool
    graphic on tee-shirts was originally launched only for college students.
    It makes a statement like no other. I wore tees that said “DO NOT
    STARE!” and tees that had twenty empty beer bottle graphics on them!
    Damn cool, no? It felt bold and different. In my opinion,  graphic tee
    are a must-have for all college goers.
    I mean, where will you get the chance to flaunt a wacky graphic on
    your tee shirt, or a quirky statement written on your top after college?
    You can’t wear them to work, that’s for sure. Chances are limited. SO
    if you are in college, go for it NOW. Seriously, just go and buy some already.
  4. Friends. I made about a million friends in
    college. Some I lost touch with in time but most of them are still my
    regular-in-touch-and-not-just-on-Facebook kind of friends. We were a MAD
    bunch of friends, and we did everything together, from super late night
    jam sessions on Bollywood songs, to last minute studies for exams. We were experts in being silly, over the top and out of control – all without a single regret. God,
    how I miss those days.

  5. Missing classes. In School, there were zero
    chances of skipping classes. I was in a girl’s convent and trust me when
    I say this – bunking classes was NOT an option. College was a different
    story, however. We could bunk classes, and we didn’t even have to hide
    in a toilet! We could miss a class and just chill in the cafeteria. Easy
    peasy! Missing these classes obviously meant missing out on studies,
    but it somehow made us feel empowered. Talk about delusional! But we
    loved it at the time, and that’s what matters, right?
  6. Planning about the future. I mean, I still plan
    about the future, of course. But college day planning was fun. From
    becoming a millionaire to travelling the world – we planned everything
    and the best part was – we believed in those plans. Days of innocence!
  7. Staying Active. As in, participating in student
    unions and fests. It kept one pretty busy. I used to host sections and
    dance and sing and host another section and it was crazy and I sometimes
    messed it up, but it was amazing fun.
  8. Having more free time. It was all we had. Don’t
    give me those looks, we did study and did pretty well for ourselves, but
    still – I had much more time than now.
  9. Student Discounts. Seriously, this is amazing! Discounts on bus fares to offs on vacations and services! Good old days.
  10. No Worry about Student Loans. Obviously, no one
    gives a s*#t about the student loans responsible for them to be in this
    fancy college because hey, that’s a worry for later! When college is
    over and real world comes calling, student loans dominate our
    nightmares, but for now, while we are in college, let the celebration

So folks in college everywhere, enjoy your college days while they last. 


What about the rest of you? Do you miss your college days?

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