Smart Phones And Smart Choices

I tweeted just today that I am badly in need of a new phone because my current phone takes 3 minutes on an average to open basic apps like Contacts, Google Search or Twitter. Yes, I have about 600 pictures in my phone album,  including all camera images, all Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Snapchat images and the big daddy of all image-albums: Whatsapp images.

And as someone who works in digital media and social media for clients, and therefore relies heavily on her so-called-smart phone, trust me when I say this – 600 images on phone is way too less. I am constantly deleting them in order to insure that phone speed is not deterred. But obviously this is not enough. Also, the front camera isn’t all that good and that’s the one I use about 40% of the times (don’t be all judge-y and frown-y, everyone does that. No?). Talk about disappointment. We live in world that’s ruled by smart-phones and to not have a responsive one is a big let down, no?

Yesterday, someone tweeted that she has 15 episodes of Suits on her phone and we had a conversation. That got me mighty intrigued. (she has a Moto G 2, as you can read in the conversation)

15 episodes on the phone – was she kidding? 

Is that even possible – I asked myself and just like that, it was time to reflect and brood over the months and months of struggle with my current phone. 

And you know what I felt? Major disappointment, that’s what! 

I mean, it’s not like my current phone is not a good one, it is one of the top models of one of the so called top Android phone brands in the world and it cost a fortune. It’s embarrassing, I’ve never even had 2 episodes of anything-at-all on my phone, and still it takes gazillion years to open up the basics. What am I doing wrong here?

Turns out, years and years of being addicted to the same type of smart phones has made me accustomed to their functioning, as well as their short-comings. Over the years, and with the continued use/over-use of Android phones, I have been seasoned to not only expect, but also accept these responses:

  • The phone is slow as a snail? Oh, all smart phones are. No biggie!
  • The phone has a million and fifty seven pre-installed non-deletable apps? Please, that’s not even an issue. 
  • Memory gets full every week? Dude, you need to stop hoarding images and music!
  • Phone is rebooting itself for no reason? No need to hit the panic button, it’s normal.
  • Battery life is not great? What do you want, a solar charged phone? Every smart phone eats up battery like there’s no tomorrow. Chill.

Annoying responses to perfectly regular questions, right? Honestly, I might have said a couple of these to other people too. But only because I didn’t know better at the time! In my Army-Man husband’s language – I was thoroughly acclimatized to the typical smart phone experience. 

But now I wanted to explore the smart phone realm for better options. To be honest, I felt a little like I was cheating on my phone – but the temptation was too good to resist. So I turned to the wise and worldly World Wide Web, hence stumbling upon the New Moto E.

To say that I am hooked, will be the understatement of the decade. I am beyond hooked – I am literally lusting for the New Moto E. Their website is pretty jazzy, and while watching the videos explaining the features of this miracle phone, a thought popped up in my mind – What if the New Moto E was my first Smart Phone?

Source: Indiblogger

I wondered how awesome it would have been to have the new Moto E experience as the first smart-phone-experience of my life! Would have definitely saved me years and years of ordinary and vanilla performance. I mean, it would have totally set higher standards for me and I wouldn’t have settled for the mediocrity that I’m putting up with right now, right?

And then, as if on cue, Indiblogger talked about how we always remember and cherish the firsts in our lives, and asked what would I #ChooseToStart with the
new Moto E! Coincidence? I think not! So here I am, in the late hours of the night, typing my heart out to tell you everything I choose to start with the new Moto E. You can read up on
or watch all the amazing features in full details here. I am going to focus only on the points that matter to me. It’s only fair, plus, like I mentioned, it’s pretty damn late in the night darlings. So, here we go.

Imagine my happiness if the new Moto E was my very FIRST!

If the new Moto E was my very first smart phone, I would be delirious with joy because:

  • Selfies. What? Selfies are a big deal to me! I was taking selfies decades before the term #selfie was coined, so don’t tell me it’s lame. My mom can show you a million picture – actual pictures from a camera with a reel – with me pouting or smiling or pretending to be nonchalant while taking my own pictures at awkward angles. Actually, she is showing them to everyone. Ever since she got her smart phone, she is unleashing the entire contents of 41 picture albums from our house, on her unsuspecting Facebook friends. You can check, I have more selfies than it is normal. The deal is, I don’t want to bother anyone else to take my pictures, and I think I take best pictures of me anyway. Hence, selfies. Now all my selfies have my toddler with me, smiling sweetly. And please, don’t snigger at the confession – the guys who helped develop the new Moto E say that they incorporated the good quality front camera based on consumer feedback. They are listening!
  • Pictures. As in, pictures other than selfies. It has a 5 MP camera and takes amazing pictures, according to the video I saw and now, I WANTZ! Hee hee. Seriously though, I am mighty impressed with the image quality of the new Moto E. And – OMG – launching the camera just take two twists of the phone canyouimagineit – CAN-YOU? I was super thrilled to see that you only have to twist it twice and the camera opens – just like that! Zero drama! Hence the public display of excitement above. You see, I am used to my not-so-smart phone rebooting itself twice before it opens the camera. My enthusiasm at twist-twist-camera-open is perfectly justified. 
  • Storage. Somehwere between watching the How-It Works video, I heard the best news of the day. The new Moto E does NOT come with pre-loaded apps! Music to my ears. If this was my first phone, I wouldn’t have been intimidated with an array of pre-loaded apps, wasting my time and storage space, and I would have not taken the entire pre-loaded apps business so easy in the later years. I would have refused to live with something that is not only sub-standard, but is also unfair to the user. I mean, you say it has such-and-such memory and then you clog it up with pre-loaded un-deletable apps that no one in her right frame of mind has ever used? This will not be an issue with Moto E. It has a 1GB RAM and you can add a 32 GM MicroSD card. Pretty cool, eh?
  • Documenting & Sharing Childhood. The infant months, the toddler years, et all. I am the always-exhausted mom of a hyper active and totally adorable toddler, and one of my many goals in life is to document in great details, her entire childhood. And teens, if possible. And not to forget, sharing it all with my parents and siblings and in-laws and a few friends who seem to be very amused by my parenting technique (or the lack of it, we’ll figure out in a few years). All of this will be absolutely easy-breezy with the new Moto E because it has a 4.5 inch BIG screen,
  • Customizing. You can pick the new Moto E in black or white, but – and this is an amazing feature – they have six different colored rubber side-bands that you can put on the phone and not only get a better grip, but also change the look. This is definitely a BIG sell for me. I mean, who the hell wants to get stuck with the same look for years? For God’s sake, I change my hair every 6 months! The thing is, I get over things pretty quickly. It’s normal for me to squeal with delight at something today, and frown upon it tomorrow. Hey! Don’t give me that look. I am a woman, I am entitled to change my mind frequently, okay? Okay.
  • Capability. Not only is it Lollipop – the latest Android version, the new Moto E has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 processor – which in normal-speak means that it is buttery smooth and highly responsive. And quick response is my FIRST expectation from my smart phone (as you might have guessed. I’ve been cribbing nonstop about my current phone’s lackadaisical approach, haven’t I? Hmph.) When I say ‘capability’, I also means battery life. The new Moto E promises up to 24 hours of battery life because it uses power smartly. What’s not to love?
  • Cost. Okay, so my current phone cost me a little over 20 grand and I am still unhappy with it, so yeah – cost is not my biggest issue right now. But we are talking about the possibility of my first Smart Phone experience and at that time, dear reader, I surely couldn’t afford anything expensive. If I had to save my salary for 3 months just to be able to buy a decent smart phone, I would have happily said Thanks But No Thanks to the entire smart phone revolution, really. But the new Moto E is economical and after time-traveling (relax, just mentally) to the time I got my first smart phone, I am happy to report that I would have been able to afford it back then. 

There are a lot of other amazing feature too, like easy Social Sharing, easy updates, Moto Display and Moto Assist. I can’t help but fall in total phone-love with the new Moto E. And , all of this makes me want to ask- 

Dear New Moto E – Y U NO launch in 2008? 

(yeah, my first smart-ish phone happened in 2008, just after college)

Anyway, never the one to dwell in the past of not-so-smart-choices, I have decided to move on. Let’s go get the New Moto E, shall we? If I get it, I will be spamming this blog, my Facebook and Twitter timelines with Selfies. You have been warned. Ta!

*Wraps this up and plans to check out deal on this amazing phone first thing tomorrow morning*

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