My Brother Is The Best – As Seen On A Coffee Mug

The real meaning of life is togetherness, it is about company
that matters more than the advice and more than anything, it is about the power
of optimism.

Everything is better when we’re together with our loved

Even the hardest of the days become easy and better when we
have someone close to us, for support and for that one nudge that we might require,
right? Ad hey, all of us have those days when we just don’t want to be a part
of the race and want to give up – days when we feel low for no apparent reason –
and days when being optimistic feels like a herculean task. Okay, so maybe it’s
just me! What can I say, I tend to be a little melodramatic at times, but I’m
sure that being optimistic all day, every day is not everyone’s strong points
too. We are only human after all. It’s normal to feel down once in a while.

But the question is, what do we do when we feel down in the
dumps? My answer is – pick any or all of the below:
  • Go see an old friend, or 
  • Spend some time with your family, or 
  • Have play time with your pet

Honestly, spending time with the ones we love, never fails
to give us the strength and motivation that makes us feel like we can take on
the world. Nothing like the buzz of positive energy, right?

It happens to me a lot when I’m in between a writing project
– I just feel drained out or exhausted and start to doubt the quality (or even
the reason) of my work. Nothing feels right and I give up on it, telling myself
that I’ll get back to it as soon as I’m in the “mood”. I busy myself in other things
– anything that distracts me from getting back to that particular project

This is the stage when only being with family and friends
can save me. One such week, when I was supposed to be editing my first book but
was obviously stalling it because of lack of motivation and plenty of
self-doubt, my little brother came to stay with me. My husband was traveling
at the time and daughter’s 2nd birthday was around the corner –
another reason for my foul mood, obviously.

My brother was going to join a post-grad college of his
dreams the next month and we both knew that this is the only time we’ll get to
spend together for the foreseeable future – that is, the next 2 to 3 years. Now, you should know that like all big sisters, I have spent my life telling him I was the ultimate authority in the world.
Aditi Mathur Blogger

And we have a wonderful relationship – we laugh like we’re crazy, we stay up till 3am just talking about silly things and we er, I make him cook maggi fro me during those 3am late night chat sessions. He makes DELICIOUS vegetable maggi because obviously, I’ve trained him well during his formative years. Whenever we are together, it becomes one of our best times. Just having him around is such a good thing that I was looking forward to him coming to Dehradun as soon as the plan was finalized. I knew good times were on their way.
He got here and just in a matter of one day, I was feeling
so much better. Which is no surprise because he is the funniest, the most fun
and an incredibly sensitive person. Growing up with us two sisters must have its
side effects, I’m sure – but the plus side is that he is well tuned in to our
moods. He knows when I’m not in my element, even on the phone. When he got
here, in the first few hours he had me plan my daughter’s birthday – which I was
planning on not celebrating until my husband got back home. 
But the brother
said, we’ll celebrate it again when he comes, but let’s not waste the day.
Together, we planned the day, went out and he ordered 4 cakes because the
toddler LOVES cutting cakes (yeah, just cutting, not eating). We ended up doing
so many of Gauri’s (that’s my daughter name) favorite things that day – from cutting
4 cakes to spending 2 hours in the mall’s play zone and eating only French fries
for dinner – that I have now named him Gauri’s Super-Mama (mama is Hindi for maternal uncle). We had an exhausting,
super happy day, and the credit is all his to take. 
Aditi Mathur Blog
This is the thing about him – he is so positive that it
becomes contagious. My little brother – the one I teased endlessly about a
million things – is my very own source of optimism and positive energy. He is a big pile of
strength, love and emotions, which I sometimes think, is what affirms my faith
in everyone, including myself. Seriously, I get so cynical sometimes, being all
fair and square about things, that I need that one nudge to make me see that
there are things more important that reason and logic – things like
unconditional love and hope. And he gives me that.

My brother is younger to me by a lot of years and so he
naturally has that young and fresh take on things that my jaded mind seems to
miss. Like this time, he realized that I was not writing at all even when I had
to submit the edited manuscript in a few weeks time. He started talking to me
about it. Just casually, asking about the plot line and the character quirks.
He asked me, at random moments, what a particular character from my book would
say right now. He made me tell him in details about each plot twist and my thought
process behind it. In short, he got me involved in the world of my characters,
all over again. He made me see why I started it in the first place. Without
making it obvious or laborious, my little brother made me see the importance of
seeing a project through.

And he did all this ever so effortlessly. That’s a part of
his charm. Within 3 days of his arrival, I was back at my table, editing and
moving forward with a new found optimism. Isn’t he the best! Well, yeah, he is.
And because I am too judge-y and cynical and jaded, I might have never got him
a mug that says ‘My Bother is The Best’ – but I know that even if I did, he is
the one who would drink his coffee proudly in it, every day. He doesn’t give a
damn if it looks childish, or lame – he will love it because he loves me and
that is just enough. And of course, I love him more than he’ll ever know (he
will know now, because I will bully him into sharing this post on his Facebook
page. Obviously). He is my baby brother and he is my source of optimism. One
little chat with him on a bad day, is like a heavy dose of some illegal happy

Come visit me soon, my happy drug! I miss you, and so does
Aditi Mathur Blog
PS: And I will get you the this mug now, paired with the
silliest picture of yours on it because, I might have publicly agreed that
you are a total sweetheart, I never said I am not the wicked big sister. Hee Hee Hee.
Here’s to #togetherness !

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