I Will Launder This Item.

Yes, yes, that is a line from the Fifty Shade of Grey movie but it is used in an entirely different, and far better context here. This is what 16 year old Saurabh said for laundry. 

I will tell you all about his ‘Laundering’ story, but first let me say that I am taking the #WashBucketChallenge where ladies are to get the men of their house to take up the pledge to #ShareTheLoad , help the women in household chores and blog about the experience. 

True Story, Bro!

I had planned on giving my husband a grand tour of the guest bathroom, and introducing him to our fancy washing machine. I planned on taking his pictures while he tried his hand at doing the laundry which mostly consisted of his various uniforms – and writing a blog post about his experience. 

But what is life if not unplanned and unexpected? My husband was out for the week for work and the new Ariel Matic packet was just lying on the shelf, waiting. Then Harshi, the sweet lady who stays in our out-house and helps me with the household work, asked me if I can help out her eldest son, Saurabh with some English Literature questions for school. Of course, I said, bring him over!

The shy kid got his books and I helped him out a bit with his course books, and when the literature was taken care of, I told him about the #ShareTheLoad initiative on a whim. I explained that the men in the house should be equally responsible for laundry because the lady anyway has too much to do. 

“Take your mother for example” – I said to him. “She does all the work in your house, takes care of your three kids and then comes to my house and cleans and cooks here too! Now, whenever you dad is in town and he helps her in laundry at least, imagine how big help it would be.”

He nodded. Having found a willing innocent audience, I went on passionately.

“The men of the house should realize that laundry is not only a woman’s job, you know? Men need to man up and help out, share the load. It is only fair.” I said, slapping the table to make a point. Yeah, I get a little dramatic at times.

Saurabh looked up at me and said, “True, aunty.” (Yeah, kids call me aunty – a slight downside of being an Army Wife. Sigh) 

“I am the eldest son.” Saurabh said. “Since baba works in another town, I am the man of the house.”

“Um” I said, unsure about what he meant.

“I am 16 now. I should help Maa, aunty.” He said. “And I will launder the clothes. Can you teach me?”

I was literally speechless. And not because of the Fifty Shades.. dialogue coincidence, no. I just didn’t expect this from him, or from any boy his age. Aren’t teens supposed to be moody and irritable? He was proving the belief wrong! I just blinked a couple of times and nodded my head, feeling incredibly and stupidly proud of this kid. 

Needless to say, I was going to show him how to do the laundry. True, my introduce-the-husband-to-laundry plans would have to suffer, but then I was about to influence a young mind in the best possible way and that is a better thing to do, in the bigger scheme of things, right? Right.

Also, I am a big supporter of raising our boys right – and what’s better than getting a young man to understand that a household is not the woman’s responsibility, right? What’s better than breaking the stereotype that household chores are a woman’s job, for a young mind?

So, I showed 16 year old Saurabh how to operate the washing machine, along with his visibly elated mom Harshi. Now, here is something I don’t talk about in public because it kind of defeats the entire purpose and demeans the action – but I feel it’s necessary to say it here because some might question why I showed Saurabh, son of the lady who helps me with my house hold work, to operate the washing machine. Well, I had given them my old washing machine last year when we got a new one. I didn’t think re-selling it would be worth the hassle and I had known that Harshi almost breaks her hands washing loads and LOADS of clothes of 3 kids and herself. Please don’t think that I am bragging here, because I am not. I feel awkward even typing it out here, but it was kind of necessary to explain, right? Okay. Enough. Good talk. Moving on.

I showed him the new Ariel Matic pack. And I gave him this Laundry 101 lecture before we started: 

  • Never wash colored clothes with the whites
  • Separate your whites, wash them in a different load
  • The water needs to be normal temperature, never too hot or too cold.
  • Too much detergent does NOT mean better washing or cleaner clothes 
  • Saving water is important so save the soap-water in a bucket for washing things like foot-mats, wash-clothes, floor etc.
  • Sometimes some detergents don’t dissolve in the water completely and stick to the clothes instead – so always make sure the detergent has dissolved. 
  • And the important point – always read the washing instructions on the cloth-tags before you decide to ‘launder the item’ (see what I did here? hee hee)
  • And SUPER duper important point – study for your exams before you decide to spend time helping out your mom because studies are very important. 

That’s pretty much it. He nodded enthusiastically, and we carried on.

Ariel Matic sample I received from Blogadda

Here is 16 year old Saurabh with Ariel Matic and the washing machine his mother, Harshi uses

Sorry, in all our excitement we forgot to cut-open the packet so Saurabh
rushed out and here he seems to be reading the information on the
packet. See? He really wants to help his Maa.

And here is Saurabh with Harshi, the happy Maa, taking the #WashBucketChallenge with Ariel Matic and look, the washing machine is full and she tells me this is only a  days load – making Saurabh’s eyes go wide in surprize. He had no idea that between him, his brother & sister, Harshi washed so many clothes daily. Even I was shocked. Life with 3 kids must be full of soiled clothes and tough stains.

Now the clothes have come out after a spin cycle, and is it just me, or does Harshi really look a tad amused? He really stuck around till 2 wash and spin cycles, which was a pleasant surprize for her. Saurabh was right in the beginning, he is growing up to be the man of the house now. Or, at least till his father comes to visit the family.

Here he is proudly putting the clean washed clothes out to dry and he said, “Aunty, they smell SO GOOD.” I sniffed them too, Ariel Matic does make them smell heavenly. Heaven of clean washed sweet-smelling laundry, what’s not to love?


Now he’s relaxing. also, if you see closely, his younger brother and his friend are staring at him from the garden below.

They seem dumbstruck watching you do all this, I said to Saurabh. “I’ll teach them how to launder these items” he assured me. Harshi was

And why not? We always talk about raising our boys right, and
sharing the work load with the women in the house is also a part of that good
raising and values. 

Harshi and Saurabh live in the out house of my Army Accommodation, and I have assured him that I will drop in unannounced if I hear the soft roar of the spinning washing machine and he said sure, you’ll find me doing it. At least on my school holidays. That’s a decent bargain, I think.

So, this is how I took the #WashBucketChallenge

And don’t worry, Saurabh and Harshi’s bonding over laundry had motivated me a lot and now I am looking forward to bond with my husband over it too. (wink wink)

And oh, I also discovered that Ariel Matic dissolved completely in the washing machine, so no chucks of white detergent-y goop stuck on clothes. I’m impressed! I’ve had to wash off the undissolved detergent sticking on clothes with my hands every single time. Imagine my relief. Thumbs up, Ariel Matic!

Before I wrap this up and text my husband to be ready for a laundry session, I have to pass the flame, so to say, and nominate 5 people to take up the #WashBucketChallenge and make a difference. I nominate:

  • Alok Vats who blogs at In News India
  • Manjulika Promod who blogs at Pen Down
  • Shruthi Padmanabhanwho blogs at The Shh Diaries
  • Arpita Dash who blogs at Jollity Life
  • Vikram Karve who blogs at Karvediat

This post is a part of the #WashBucketChallenge activity at BlogAdda.com is association with Ariel India

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