Good Breakfast: Good Start

With the Army-Man husband leaving for exercises at 5:30am daily, to a fussy toddler who wakes up at 7am without fail – Breakfast is a big deal in our house. We like to keep it interesting, so we try not to repeat breakfast dishes too much. But it’s not as easy as it sounds, obviously. I fail in keeping breakfast interesting every day because of one or all of the reasons below:

  • Too lazy to cook an elaborate healthy AND tasty breakfast
  • The fight between Healthy and tasty is always tough. If I choose bread-pakoras (bread dipped in flavored gram flour and deep fried), it’s unhealthy but yummy. If I pick fruit salad, it’s healthy but boring. Oh, the choices.
  • Breakfast taking too much time to prepare
  • Breakfast taking too much effort to prepare
  • Not wanting to think of new things to do with same ingredients

So, we generally end up eating Paranthas and Pickle for breakfast. Unhealthy, I know. And trust me, I want to change this habit. Which is why I turned to the world wide web for help and inspiration. Google helped me and I found the amazing folks at Gupta Ji Ki Family.  Watching their videos, I had a serious craving for breakfast during lunchtime! Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.


Wonderful video, right? And so inspirational. I mean, everyone needs inspiration to take up the task as daunting as healthy and interesting breakfast everyday, right? Mrs Gupta makes such yummulicious dishes in no time, that before typing all this down, I went ahead and tried one of the recipes – the Kellogg’s Oats Peppy Papaya Drink 

It was refreshing, yummy and so easy that when my toddler decided to gulp it all down, I simply got up and made two glasses for the husband and me in no time! Ta da! Easy peasy!

I’d really like to go to Gupta Ji’s house for Nashta and request them to let me try the following top 3 favorites of mine:

  1. Kellogg’s Cornflake Walnut Chocolate Muffin –  Because I can send it in the toddler’s lunch box happily knowing that she will polish it off in no time, and also because who doesn’t love a chocolate muffin, right?
  2. Kellogg’s Cornflakes Chana Chat – Because I might love muffins, but I adore chaat! I am an out and out aloo-tikki chaat and paapri chaat kind of person but it comes loaded with calories. What could be better than to eat – and learn, obviously – the healthy version of chaat from Mrs Gupta? So excited!
  3. Apple Cornflakes Pancakes – Because again – the fussy toddler! I hope this is something she would like. And the goodness of apples and cornflakes in one meal would be super satisfying to me as a mother. 

As my mother used to say when I was a fussy kid myself, ‘Anaaj Ka Nashta‘ is the best way to start your day because breakfast is the meal that fuels you for the day ahead. Skipping breakfast is a complete No-No, and having unhealthy fried and oily stuff as the first meal of your day is a health hazard. I am happy that I stumbled upon Gupta Ji’s family and their amazing Nashta (breakfast) videos for help – now I am all geared up to whip up a healthy, tasty, and not to forget – quick breakfast for my family.

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