Girl With The Pearl Necklace

In total Becky Brandon (née Bloomwood) (from the Shopaholic book
fashion, I have often pictured myself as the literal
personification of several awesome phrases. I always want more with life
– I have perennial desire to be more and do more. Whenever I allow
myself a little vanity, I picture myself excelling in my current
obsession, being the best at whatever it is that I’m obsessing about at
that particular phase of life, and I imagine people knowing me for it.
At various phases of life, I have dreamed of being called:

  • The girl with the awesome sense of humor
  • The girl with the best clients in the advertising world
  • The girl with the hottest hair-do ever!
  • The girl with the best freaking blog in the world
  • The girl that rocks the party
  • The girl that starts the party
  • The girl who doesn’t care about a party
  • The girl with best friends all around the world
  • The girl who’s the best friend you’d have
  • The girl with a kind heart
  • The girl with the biggest collection of books
  • The girl with the red-car
  • The girl with the funniest stories
  • The girl with the perfect body
  • The girl with the most generous heart

No one called me any of those things, which is pretty sad. But I got over it. There’s still hope.

I am an Army Wife now. And though I didn’t quite get called any of
the things in my list above, I have finally earned a phrase of my own!
Yes! I am now The Girl With The Pearl Necklace. *your cue to applaud*

Amazing, right? I did not even try at all to achieve this title. All I
did was follow the instructions of my new friend who at once assigned
herself to the role of my Army Life Mentor. She was a fellow – and with
somewhat more experience than me – army wife and she gave me helpful
pointers. Among the many things she told me about the grand Army Wife
life, one was that whenever in doubt about accessorizing with sarees, go
for pearls.
I am a girl with a twisted sense of fashion. Of course I like to call
it “Quirky“, but deep within I know it’s just plain strange.

I am remembered for attending weddings in a traditional
churidaar-suit paired with a denim crop jacket studded with metallic
bullets. I was rocking the neons long before they were in fashion. I
have roamed the streets of Singapore wearing khakhi shorts with
self-dyed golden and red stripes at the back – and we’re talking glitter
here, the kind that I left behind everywhere I sat. Honest!  So it came
as some sort of a relief when I got the Always Go With Pearl Jewellery
mantra in my new Army Wife life. I started pairing pearls with almost
everything. And people seemed to love it! I was happy because the Army
Wife life can be pretty daunting at times – it tends to change you, and
all I ever wanted to be was myself.

Being yourself is not always the easiest thing to do, but I tried.
And in a world where the “right” appearance matters a lot,  I was happy
about my pearl-stint. It was going good, and I was loving it!

The only problem was, I only had one pair of pearl necklace and ear-ring sets – the one I bought online from AskMe
and loved a lot. I was wearing it to every formal Army party, and
getting compliments for it, and I every time someone complimented my
look, I said a silent thank you to the God of Online Shopping, and my
mentor. I am known to be obsessive by nature, and obviously I got online
and bought a few more pearl jewellery pieces – all bold and big and
beautiful. Without my realizing it, pearls became my fashion statement. I
did not realize my pearl-love until one night I went to a huge formal
party with the husband. Unlike the pure silks that the Army loves, I
wore a contemporary-feel saree with a quirky print (it was white with
bright green Hindi letters on it. Totally chic!)

At the party, during snacks and soup, someone introduced me to the
senior-most officer at the gathering, and his wife. ‘And this is Aditi,
the new and very charming member of the army wife club’ said the person
introducing me to them. I was just about to mumble my greetings when the
lady reached out for my hand and said,  “Oh, I know you! You’re the
girl with the pearl necklace. Welcome to the Army Wife Life, Aditi! I
can already tell you’ll do great things here.”

Can you imagine my joy? I got a phrase of my own! Later, I was thrilled to find out that she
had spotted me at a few parties before this, and said that my pearl jewellery was exquisite.

To this day, I keep my pearls close to me and the only advice I give
to young and new Army Wives – now that I am a fairly old one – is – When
In Doubt, Go For Pearls. And also the biggest one of them all – Don’t Be Like The Rest Of Them, Darling! Be yourself.

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