35 Things That Make Me Happy

I have sung this song all through my school years, and just singing it along with friends used to make me happy. Childhood was simple. It did not take too much for feel happy. A long time on the swing without being told it’s the next kid’s turn now used to make me the happiest. Also, having an entire bottle of Coke without having to share. And oh – Phantom cigarettes. Sweet and minty and oh-so-cool! 

And extra free period at school, a new pencil-box, cousins coming for a visit, finding a bottle of cold water in the fridge on a hot day (I was the eldest of three kids, both parents working – so trust me when I say this, finding water in the fridge was amazing. Usually all the bottle were lying outside until mom or dad filled them up and put them back int he fridge) and watching Duck Tales on TV on Sundays. 

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Those were the days of innocence. Now, it seems to take a lot of effort to be happy. But I try. People often tell me I am a positive person and I believe that about myself, most of the times, because I believe in staying happy. I don’t buy into the entire dying-within-but-making-people-laugh-outside school of thought. According to me, you can’t make anyone else happy if you aren’t happy yourself. That’s the things about happiness – You can’t fake it.

And while a million dollar lottery ticket, 3 book deal with Penguin and a movie on my book will all make me incredibly happy, there are a million other things that do the same. Yeas, yes, you guessed it right, I’m back with another one of my lists – but hey, a million point long list is not practical so I’m sticking to 35.

List of 35 things that make me happy:

  1. Cuddling with my sweet smelling and tiny, soft, sleep-talking toddler. Yeah, even if she says “Mumma please don’t take my toys away, I will eat the apple” in her sleep, and cries. (It was just a dream, I am not that evil)
  2. Cuddling with the husband. Being a fauji, he is away so much that 5-ish years of marriage and finding out all the good and bad stuff about each other hasn’t taken away the charm of good old spooning. (I speak for myself here, obviously. As for him – He find the term ‘spooning’ hilarious.)
  3. Sleeping in on a cold/rainy day. (a luxury now, because the toddler is an early riser. But don’t worry, when she’s a moody teen wanting to sleep the week away, I will bring payback time)
  4. Getting Fan-Mail. (I get fan mails for my book every now and then, and though I feel awkward sharing them on social media etc, I am incredibly happy every time I read one. Keep ’em coming, people!)
  5. Red Lip Color. I currently own 6 shades of red from various brands and though I am not a makeup girl, putting on a super bright lip color is literally my brand. Seriously, people tell me that I own it. Never a dull moment, is my point.
  6. Dancing. I can dance all night. Even without the assistance of alcohol. Enough said. 
  7. Getting on a plane. Dibrugarh (in Assam) to Kolkata, Delhi to Singapore, Dehradun to Pune – Doesn’t matter where I’m going, getting on a plane makes me very happy. I think this one is also about possibilities.
  8. Traveling. Anywhere in the world. Just being in transit is a thrill for me. I want to travel the world, and maybe I will – but more than the destination, my heart will belong to the travel, the journey.
  9. My Daughter’s self-made songs. 
  10. Writing a good piece. 
  11. Something written by me getting good response from people I look up to.
  12. Dogs that love me. (Almost all dogs love me)
  13.  Friends. Spending time with friends, or even have a long personal chat with an old friend who is thousands of miles away and is expecting a baby – I have a bunch of amazing friends and being in touch makes me happy.(even if it’s not every-week-updates kind of regular)
  14. Speaking up for a cause I feel strongly about and making a (even if a little) difference.
  15. Kind people. 
  16. Positive people who don’t blame their lack of motivation on something someone did or did not do.
  17. When my daughter says I am her best friend. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts, is my take on it.
  18. Watching Sex And The City episodes- all seasons, back to back. I am a fan of the show and I love ti so much that I haven’t written about it yet because I worry I will not be able to do justice to it. Same way I haven’t written about my Harry Potter obsession.
  19. Harry Potter Books. Re-reading them. For the millionth time.
  20. Harry Potter movies. Because anything Harry Potter is sheer happiness. 
  21. When someone quotes Harry Potter and other people either laugh or don’t understand, but I just get it. Being “in” on a Harry Potter joke or quote will always make me happy. Even after a hundred years. Always. (See what I did here? heehee)
  22. Cheese Cake.
  23. Books. Free books, mostly, but yeah, all books.
  24. Day Dreaming. Recent day dream is to be interviewed by Cosmopolitan Magazine for my super amazing book. Why, I even know what I’ll wear for it. More or less. (Masaba all the way!)
  25. Voting.
  26. Buying a pair of cute socks. Or alternatively, finding a pair of socks I’d forgotten about. I have a thing for collecting warm cozy and cute socks. Nothing weird about it, right?
  27. Waking.
  28. Singing along with my childhood favorite songs, and knowing all the lyrics. So tell me what you want what you really really want – la la la. OR. I am Tarzan from jungle, you can be my friends. I am Jane and I love to ride and elephant- la la la. You get the point.
  29. My sister, brother, cousins.
  30. Good bedsheets. I am a bed linen hoarder. Other Army Wives collect sarees from every corner of the country, I collect bed sheets and blankets.
  31. Comments on my blog. However lame it sounds, it makes me happy. 
  32. Getting dressed up for a fun party. 
  33. Being able to be there for someone when they need me. Might sound preachy or all high and mighty, but it’s not. It can be calling a friend when she texts you ‘I’m going to kill my boss. Talk!’ or being able to go along with another friend who calls and says ‘Shitty day. Let’s go shopping!’
  34. Having a good hair day.
  35. Discovering a restaurant with good food. This is my latest find.
Here’s my 35. What’s yours?

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