We Need To Bolt.

We do. We need to like, seriously Bolt. 
We, as in me and my 2 year old girl, of course. And Bolt here means two things:

  1.  First, the obvious meaning of Bolt – which is to bolt, as in the dictionary meaning (look it up, I don’t have that kind of time. Jeez!)
  2.  And the second meaning of Bolt here, is the new hot thing in the world of hatchbacks – Tata Bolt. Yes!

We’ll talk about Tata Bolt more, but patience, darlings. We will first talk about me. I need to first, tell you about things in my current sadly drive-less life, and second, rant about some stuff that’s totally killing my buzz.

So, my daughter is a pre-schooler now and I work for a super cool adventure tourism firm. Husband is always busy with whatever it is that keeps army officers busy in peace time (yeah, don’t even get me started on this one) which means that I am supposed to be driving myself and the pre-schooler to and fro. Easier said than done, mister! We have a sedan which is though a cool car, but not really my deal. I know, I know, you’re thinking c’mon gurl, sedan is everyone’s deal and who is she kidding. And you’d be right if you were in a Metro city where everything is planned and rules are followed, or you were afamous F1 racer like Lewis Hamilton orNarain Karthikeyan, driving away with perfection. 

Sadly for me, its none of the two.

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As an ever moving Army Wife, I am never at a place for more that 2 or 3 years. I am currently in Dehradun which is a beautiful, beautiful city but the traffic situation is – to put it mildly – totally out of control. Like, bat shit crazy, but minus the Delhi-esque road rage (thank God for small mercies!)

And it’s not just Dehradun, really. As an Army Wife I shuttle between towns that normal people just hear of in fleeting conversations. Kalu Chak, Mhow, Devlali, Suratgarh, Dinjan, etecetra. See my point? 

The traffic in these towns is crazy, roads are not equipped to handle the ever growing driving population and for me to be driving a sedan here is literally inviting a self-inflcted jam. Which is why I have been gripped by the idea of buying a hatchback for a couple of months now. I can drive one easily in any Indian town that the Army might send us to. I can park it right, can maneuver it confidently and can go on with my life without sitting at home waiting for husband to pick and/or drop me or to arrange transportation. 

I will drive to work without causing any jams, I will take my daughter to her school without getting a panic attack because of having to parallel park a sedan. I will not have to miss a killer trade fair in town because the parking space is too tricky for me to park a huge ass car. Daughter and I will not be late for her PTM because I accidentally turned in the wrong street and turning back took 15 minutes. Phew. Can you imagine my stress? 

A hatchback will really sort out my life, you know? We can’t be wasting all the time just because the town has narrow roads, we need to bolt and make the most of our time. Getting stuck because of a car issue seems so stupid, really. And ever since this realization struck me like an inner awakening, the husband and I have been looking for a suitable car for me.

And then we found out about Tata’s new, much talked about and about-to-be-launched hatchback called Bolt. My first thought – cute name! We were at the mall one day when we saw it – the bright red and totally awesome looking Bolt. We approached the car and I was almost immediately falling in love with that cute backside! 

Seriously, have you seen Bolt from the back? It’s mighty cute. I hate the matchbox-like flat and deformed looking hatchbacks. I mean, it’s supposed to be compact, we get it! But at least make it look good! Jesus. Is that rocket science? Most hatchbacks are a major turn off from the back. Not the Bolt. It’s surprisingly smart looking from that angle. And laugh it off if you like, but good look gets a huge tick-mark from me. I mean, judge me all you want to but hey, I’m never gonna drive an ugly looking car. Neverrrr!

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So I loved Tata Bolt at first sight. But then the person there explained the features and boy, even the husband – my sedan-lover, big-car-prefer husband! – also seemed to love it. It is a big step in our shared history, you know? I almost clapped my hands in glee, seriously! My elaborate day-dreams to Get, Set, Bolt actually began right that second.
Teeheehee. (Please notice the nail art, I really was in a jazzy mood that day) 

What is it that made us drool over Tata Bolt, you ask? Well, here you go, the top features of the car – according to me. ‘According to me‘ is the key phrase here, because you can Google the features yourself and find out about the Turbocharged MPFi Petrol Engine etc, but my list is going to have the features that score high with me. Call it silly but can’t help it, and neither am I afraid to say it like it is. 

I’m not an expert on engines or the nitty-gritties of what goes on under the hood of a car, my husband is that expert. I focus on other equally important thing, and together we balance it out. Cute, no? haha. 

So here’s MY list of top 5 features of TATA Bolt:

  1. Cute Butt. As I’ve mentioned more times than it’s necessary, it matters to me. Looks matter, okay? No matter if your car has one million horse power engine or something, or if there’s a fly-in-the-sky mode – if it makes me looks like I’m driving an ugly frog or a giant matchbox, Thanks But No Thanks. Bolt scores supremely high in the looks department. It is a very smart car and lookie-lookie how happy we – the mother daughter duo – look standing with Bolt! What’s not to love? 😉

  2. Drive Modes. Yeah baby, Bolt has three very practical and useful drive modes. Sport mode for when you need a burst of power, Eco mode for excellent
    fuel efficiency or City mode for a perfect balance between the two. Beauty with brains, this one.
  3. Safety. I’ve already mentioned that I need a hatchback mainly to drive my toddler around the town and obviously, safety is my first concern (yeah, even before looks, obviously). In India, there are zero rules for driving-with-a-child. In the US, you cannot drive with a baby in the front seat. For smaller ones, a car seat is mandatory. They take their safety seriously, but in India, we do not. Sadly, we see loads of people driving with kids in their laps in the front seat, and slightly older kids sitting by themselves – sans seat belt even, in the front seats. Talk about unsafe! When I consider driving with my daughter, I know I will be making her sit in the back seat, safely tucked in her car seat. Also, the car needs to be fully equipped with state of art features. Tata Bolt fits the bill with its 9th Gen ABS by BOSCH corner stability control and dual airbags, to stay in control at all times and drive safe with the advanced safety features.Bolt gets another tick mark.
  4. Jazzy Interiors. Seriously, have you looked at the console of Bolt? It’s a riot! With an access to an array of entertainment and connectivity features like
    smartphone enabled navigation from MapMyIndia™ and advanced voice
    command recognition. I mean, you can casually say ‘Set The Temperature To Maximum’ and the Bolt will do it! Just tell Bolt to tune to an FM station and viola, all done! And oh, the adjustable seats are a riot. It’s a rich look and a good touch, I say. Very cool.
  5. The best in the segment. Obviously. Haven’t you been reading? The top four points are proof enough, duh! Apart from the superb safety features, the in-gear & shift recommendation, the Drive-by-Wire feature (a feature used in air planes!) and the great Turbocharged MPFi Petrol engine, Tata Bolt is also very spacious for a hatchback, where you can sink into
    the comfortable rugby shoulder seats and the boot is pretty big too. I am always having to carry more stuff than I could ever need, because hey, I might just need it sometime, and hence space a big issue for me. The boot can safely stock my cool-keg where I like to keep water bottles on a bed of ice, for emergencies (you know, like when zombies attack and clean water might be the antidote to zombie bite? Yeah that. What can I say, I’m imaginative and well prepared.) And Tata Bolt is pretty damn perfect!

And hey, didn’t I just mention the famous F1 racers? Well, Tata Bolt gave me a chance at this – 

Awesome, no? Me with Narain Karthikeyan, eeee! (Okay, it’s not really him, but what the hell, we’re int he same frame). So, yeah, I am totally smitten with the Bolt and so is my daughter. I can already picture the two of us, driving around the town in heavy traffic, without the worry of getting stuck on that particularly nasty bottle neck on the way to her school, and without the fear of not getting a huge parking space on the road because we can zip-zap-zoom easily in our Bolt. 

Really, out
of all my day-dreams, driving a Bolt in any Indian city of without
the worry of road and/or traffic conditions, is the BEST.

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I am in love with Tata Bolt. And if everything goes
well, I’ll be updating this post with our – my daughter’s and mine – happy pictures in our very own
Bolt. Because, like I mentioned in the very beginning, We Need To Bolt. Like, seriously. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “We Need To Bolt.


    (January 15, 2015 - 5:32 pm)

    Love this post! I remember your City banging into an army truck, ouch! Bolt will suit you 😉 😉


    (January 16, 2015 - 7:39 am)

    Extremely well written. Indian roads are really a trouble, only good for sturdy hatch backs cars. All the bets.


    (January 17, 2015 - 10:11 am)

    Very nice read, hope your husband won't mind you driving him in a hatchback instead of his sedan. I would! (wink) I'll take a sedan anyday over a hatchback but your point about roads and traffic and driving with a toddler are fair. Win this thing!


    (January 17, 2015 - 11:09 am)

    Laughing after reading this. Good blog. Love your book, which is why I searched for you and landed here Write more.
    – Mrs. Unniyal (armd)


    (January 19, 2015 - 10:14 am)

    I like Bolt.


    (February 2, 2015 - 3:54 pm)

    Very few people can write how you do.
    Doing both at the same time – Making a point and making the readers laugh is difficult and you do it so easily. *standing ovation*

    Inderpreet Kaur Uppal

    (February 2, 2015 - 7:18 pm)

    Very nice style and post. And I endorse all the points. Fauji style too . great language, hope you are writing that second book too and not just blogs.
    Hope you win it!
    All the best.

    Namita or Namitha:)

    (February 3, 2015 - 4:28 pm)

    super cool

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