Chances, Chances.

Chances, chancesChances lost are hope’s torn up pagesMaybe this time Chances are we’ll be the combinationChances come and carry meChances are waiting to be taken, and I can see Chances are the fascinationsChances won’t escape from meChances are only what we make them and all I need I’ve been humming the song under my breath […]

This And That: The Journey To Being Everything.

Be Yourself – this is the single most widely used and most commonly abused phrase in the history of bad advice.  Source From as long as I can remember, people have been telling me to Be Myself and to be honest I still don’t know what it means. I mean yeah, I do know what […]

Celebration of Love: Resorting to Plan F

Today is India’s Republic day, and the nation witnessed India’s combat strength at the republic day parade. Today when the nation marvels about our mighty impressive Army, Navy and Air-force – I, a girl madly in love with an Army officer, feel the same way but my sense of awe is topped up with a […]

I Define Me.

If there was a book called Art of Interviews For Dummies (and there should be one!), the first strongly recommended interview question would be – “Define yourself in one word.”  This is one thing that almost all of us have braved at some point, right? The question also comes up regularly at several occasions other […]

Let’s Talk Trashy.

Scene one.   Source Friend X and I have just got inside the car at the basement parking lot, after a chance meeting with a common-but-not-so-close-friend. Friend X : What was she even wearinggg, dude? (eyes wide with disgust, shaking head in disapproval.) Me: Skirt. Short skirt. Friend X: REALLY short skirt that was bordering […]

Perfect Ending.

 Source: weheartit Everything’s been said But nothing heard Strangers to More And now the lines are blurred. More, they want It’s magic, they hope. But – they’ll be okay otherwise. None of them is the one to mope. And sense before magic, yes? Even if both want more. It’s not like a big deal, you […]

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