Fair Game. Or Not?

Hey ladies! Whachoodoin? So. This is supposed to be about men’s grooming but let’s make it about us, okay? Okay. Let’s talk about if nature has been fair to us.

I’ve always been happy being a girl, except for a few times in my life when I’d wished I was a man instead. I know, I know all about gender equality and hey, I know it’s a privilege to be born a girl because –

Who Run The World? Girls!
Who RunRunRun The World? GIRLS!

Damn right Rihanna, we do run the world. 

But sometimes it just pisses me off that we women have so much to endure, to go through that it just doesn’t seem like fair-game. I’m talking about everything from child birth to breast feeding, from PMS-ing to suffering from ‘that time of the month’ and from the pressure of maintaining a sexy waxed body, to dealing with body issues (skinny or curvy or whatever). It’s like mother nature just dumped everything painful and exhausting on women. No?

Well, no.

Men have their own thing they have to endure – and unlike most of our issues, theirs is an every-day thing. Yeah, shaving. Talk about fair-game now. I only realized it after my wedding. No matter if the day is freezing cold or roast-your-flesh hot, men HAVE to shave their face every morning. And, as five years of marriage have taught me, shaving the face everyday is not as easy as it looks in the commercials. 

First, there is the whole getting-up-in-the-morning-to-shave commitment, which in my opinion is the toughest battle to win. Then there’s the actual shaving which is time consuming and well, nothing to look forward to. And of course there are side effects like cuts,skin burns and ingrown facial hair. Ugh. Painful.

So, I see why a lot of men prefer to skip shaving for a few days, and some – for months. Shaving is a commitment that requires certain amount of discipline and let’s face it, not everyone can do it. But – huge BUT – this is more than just a boring routine or society’s hard-set rule. Shaving IS important.

Start of rant —- I want to stop here and ask – how is #WillYouShave even a question? Who is not shaving? Really? As in, for REAL? —– End of rant.

Shaving everyday is a responsibility and let’s face it, not everyone is capable of it. Too busy for shaving is code for lazy. Unbelievable, I know! Especially to me. To Shave or Not To Shave is a question that daily haunts many busy slash lazy guys, but not my husband. No sirrr! He is an Army Officer and shaving is a must. You can’t be tardy or look unkempt and un-ready in the Army now, can you?

Army is all about Discipline, Passion, Integrity and immense Willpower.  Together, they form Character. And it’s not one big deed that shows it, but a lot of small ones combined together. Also, the Army is pretty clear about crisp uniforms and smart looks. There’s a reason men in defense are the dream men for a lot of girls, you know? They look like they care – about others and about themselves.

Also personally, I’ve never particularly like men who kept a beard. Except Milind Soman – who of course rocks the salt-and-pepper stubble but that’s it. No one else. Infact I once almost did not hire an animation guy for a project because he looked so damn shabby with his beard – but then he showed up for the second meeting a week later with a good idea and a clean shaven face and we did the project together. His thick beard almost earned him a loss. Why, you ask? Well, unshaven men look like they don’t care and they are not even making an effort and who wants that in a man, hmm? WHO? 

And the paradox is (most) men prefer women with perfectly waxed bodies, but won’t do the same when it comes to them. Case in point: The guys who were doing the entire No-Shave-November thing last month. Not fair, kind sir(s).

Physiologically speaking, a man sporting a beard (not religion related, of course. That is exempted.) tends to give a negative impression by coming off as someone who doesn’t give a damn, someone who is not serious, and someone who doesn’t make an effort. That ain’t nice, unless that’s your thing. 

Which makes me worry about you.

But that’s not the point.

The point is this – shaving in itself isn’t an issue, it is the not-so-nice message you give out when you don’t.

So boys and men, unless you’re trying to intentionally go for the I-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-you vibe with your girl, or the I-won’t-make-an-effort vibe at work, or unless you are Milind Soman, please shave.

And once again, we girls know it’s tedious, we know it’s too much of a hassle to shave every damn day. We know sweeties. But we girls wax and pluck and scrub and even get painful Brazilians done without much drama, that has to amount to something, right? Tee Hee Hee.


 So no, in the name of fair game, #WillYouShave is not even a question anymore.

Just go, Shave Yourself! It’s only fair to the women-kind and to your own self. Go go goooo!

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Post Author: Aditi Mathur Kumar

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2 thoughts on “Fair Game. Or Not?


    (January 15, 2015 - 5:57 pm)

    Enjoyed it so much, I'm reading it again.
    You'll win this thing. I've read a few others and I'm sure you'll win. Keep it up kid.


    (January 16, 2015 - 7:41 am)

    Me and wifey are laughing so much, this is such a fun post. Enjoyed your book to the hilt, ma'am. Wife felt nostalgic remembering her army wife days. Godspeed.

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