35 Things I Don’t Really Care About (But Probably Should) (Nah, I Just Don’t)

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  1. Your Twitter follower / unfollower statistics. Keep that shit to yourself.
  2. Pictures of your dental patients’ “condition”. No one, not even half of the dentists, want to be exposed to that kind of crap on social media. This is why Facebook introduced Closed Groups, I imagine.
  3. New iPhone tricks you’ve just learned.
  4. Formal Parties. If I wanted to choke my laughter and die of eating my words, I’d do it in a pair of comfy PJ, not a formal attire. (Reference: Army Wife life, sometimes)
  5. The fact that you are “Only Into Jazz Music”. Blah.
  6. Bad books with ‘Best Seller’ tag. No-Can-Do’s-Ville, Babaydoll. (I’d apologize for the lame HIMYM reference, but please, it fits perfectly.)
  7. Yet-To-Be-Released Books that are already number one on Amazon or something. I mean, it hasn’t even come out yet, no body has even read it yet, calm the fuck down.
  8. Your innovative Whatsapp status.
  9. Being a part of your ‘productive’ or ‘FUN!!!’ Whatsapp group.
  10. Stuffed toys.
  11. Sushi.
  12. Big Boss and its drama.
  13. Ad sense on Blog. Click a few on your way out, anyway.
  14. The meaning of your boyfriend’s cryptic text – “K. Ltrz.” Maybe he’s avoiding you after your public breakdown over his choice of shoes, you ask? Possible. But maybe he’s just an idiot who CNT TYP RITE. RITE?
  15. Your Twitter crush.
  16. How many Surya-Namashkars you do every day.
  17. Your Friend’s interior designer’s celebrity connection.
  18. How running helps you figure out the real meaning of life.
  19. How many inches you’ve lost by eating nothing but yogurt.
  20. Self-Promotion of my book. However awesome my book is, I still can’t self-promote (insert typical passive aggressive tone) like some people.
  21. Stock Market.
  22. Babies (Except for my own, plus a hand full others. And also baby products, even the cool ones like here.)
  23. What’s my McBurger actually made of.
  24. The color Purple (the actual color, not the book which is a rather good read. Irony, I know)
  25. What being a vegan has taught you about the universe.
  26. 360 days of happiness projects.
  27. Hashtags.
  28. Trending hashtags.
  29. What the latest version of Android will have and why it is imperative to own it.
  30. Your view of a person, place or product. I have a brain, will figure it out. 
  31. Self appointed Self-Help gurus.
  32. Detailed diagnosis of your dog’s intestinal ailment.
  33. How you “secretly” sponsor a less fortunate kid’s education.
  34. How you think I’m lame and / or bitter.
  35. Blog Traffic. Obviously.

Read this post today, and it was so much fun that I just had to make a list of my own.Hope you enjoyed it. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have super important stuff to do, like shopping online for fabulous dresses. Ta ta!

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