Lights – Camera – Announcement!

I’m on cloud 9, I’m dancing with joy, I’m scared and I’m nervous all at once
because – There’s no way of downplaying this so I’m flaunting it in the best
way I can – My book is being published and will be in stores next month, i.e.
August 2013.

Oh. My.

Saying it
out aloud still gives me chills, and typing it here makes me giddy.

So here’s
the book story in short – I stopped working when I was six months perggers,
because apparently working on laptop for hours at a stretch stress you out and
are obviously not good for the baby. But then what else could I have done with
my time? So, I cribbed about too much time. Husband, the darling that he is,
told me to start the “book” I always wanted to write. “There
will be no time better than this” he said. I didn’t think that was true,
but since days got longer with no work and a growing belly, I gave in and I
When I
was done (with a VERY rough draft) about three months later, I consulted a few
good people and picked a publisher. How, you ask? Well, I was sort of reading The
Secret of The Nagas at that time and thought to myself, why, this is a good
publisher! So I mentally decided on TATA Westland, not that I had much hope
because everyone knows you got to have connections in the publishing houses for
them to consider you, right? Wrong. See what happens next – Since I knew nobody
in any publishing house or anything even close, I sent sample chapters with a
five line synopsis to an email ID from the TATA Westland website, and promptly
forgot about it. I was now nine months pregnant, what do you expect? 

On the
ninth day, I received a mail from the editor, who I must say is super cool,
saying that she loved the sample chapters and wanted to read the entire
manuscript. I edited it all through the night and sent it off the next day
(there was a lot of editing to do, trust me). After a few months of mildly
dramatic mail-exchanges (Yes, there’s always drama, and I shall talk about this
some other time) – Ta Da! My book secured a place in Westland’s coveted list. I
think I didn’t speak for an hour that day, I was so shocked.

After the
contract happened and I got my first cheque, the formal editing began and a lot
of other processes followed. It would take time, I was told. I was impatient, I
wanted to hold my book in my hands, trace a finger over my name on the cover
and make sweet love to the book (metaphorically, of course). I didn’t know how
to wait; patience is a virtue I expect in others, not me.  But a process
is a process and it is there to ensure that the final product is the best it
can be, so I held my breath and waited. Plus, now I also had a hyper active kid
to take care of so time kind of scurried past. Um. Yeah, not really. But in
retrospect it feels quick, somehow. So I waited, and I did well, because – I’m
saying it again – my book will be out next month!

Baby G bought
me super – duper luck.

Can you
believe it?

My own
book, with my name on it and everything! Woohoo!

interesting is the kind of reactions this news has got me in real life. Hilarious
and diverse, here are the top five responses of people I told about my book.
  1.  Me: “My book is
    being published.” School time Friend: “Whaaaat? You mean you
    will now shut up about wanting to write a book? Jesus!” High-fives
    the third school-time friend happily. [They’re exaggerating. I didn’t talk
    about it that much. Honest.]
  2. Me: “I wrote a
    book!” This Random Person on Facebook: “Hasn’t everyone?”[Touché,
    random person from FB. How do we know each other, again?]
  3. Me: “Buy my book.”
    Cousin: “Buy my soul.” [I’ve no clue what to make of this.]
  4. Me: “My book will be
    out this year.” Ex-Colleague: “I knew you had a book in you! Is
    is going to be a c-section?” Laughs hysterically on the
    “joke”. [Don’t even get me started.]
  5. Twitter acquaintance:
    “You’ve written a book now?” Me: “Er.Yes.” Twitter
    Acquaintance: “Awesome. You’re my 37th Twitter friend to write a
    book, cool! *thumbs up*” [And that is supposed to make me feel good?
    Bad? Or worse, ordinary?]
But alas,
that’s my life – chock-a-block with CRAZY of all kind.

So yes,
the book is finally happening. Here is the confirmation for those who think I’m just making it up (knowing me, it does seem possible – hee hee) – come on, spot my name and get a free copy. Not really, just spot it and buy one okay?

I hope everyone lurrrrrves the book, give me all the damn awards, ask for my autograph and that I become an instant celebrity sporting huge designer sunglasses to unsuccessfully hide from my stardom and all that, but most of all I wish that you, my darling readers-of-this-blog, like the story I’ve told.
Because…. Okay let’s start from the beginning.

you’ve listened carefully to my Monologue over the years, if you’ve been with
me as I (irregularly, I know) write about my journey through life, if you’ve
been patient enough to not give up on me when I’m not around, and if you have
told me, suggested, shouted, blackmailed me about writing more – please know
that I owe this to you. You’ve given me the hope that people might like to read
what I write, and you’ve made me believe that there is a place for our dreams
in this world if you believe in it hard enough. For all that,  for the
love and support from the blogging community even when I least deserved it (who
are we kidding? I’m hardly the regular enthusiastic blogger who inspires. I’m
infact the absconding one who only turns to this space when it is absolutely
necessary to write something and stop those write-or-shut-your-damn-blog mails;
I thank you a zillion times!

you. Thank you.

And I
hope you like the story – I’ve put my heart into it (and some sweat!)

Now if
you’ll excuse me, I have to go rehearse my famous-author-smile-&-wave in
front of the bathroom mirror. See you soon with more update and more show-offs,
my people! 

tuned in. Keep the faith. 

Post Author: Aditi Mathur Kumar

Author of 2 books. TEDx Speaker. Travel Writer. Blogger. Addicted to Travel & Books. Digital Media Strategist. Social Media Girl. Army Wife. Mom. Curious. Crazy.

7 thoughts on “Lights – Camera – Announcement!


    (July 23, 2013 - 10:31 am)

    Aditi Mathur Kumar 😛 TeeHee.

    Soldier & Spice? Sounds interesting! Wish you all the very very best:)

    And kudos to you for getting this far, let nobody take that away from you…


    (July 23, 2013 - 4:11 pm)

    Again, so proud of you. You are actually the first person I know who has ever published a book ( hope that makes you feel special). And yes, can I please get an auto graphed copy 🙂


    (July 24, 2013 - 4:47 pm)

    The book is going to be AWESOME i'm sure!!.. will pick it up as soon as I see it!!..:)
    wishing you the most amazing journey in all aspects of life!..
    enjoy the sunglasses 🙂


    humbl devil

    (July 28, 2013 - 4:59 pm)

    So is it about your life?? 😉

    soldier saab and spice madam?? 😀


    woh 5 line synopsis hum readers ko bhi de dete… 😉


    (September 13, 2013 - 10:49 am)

    Many congratulations!!!!! This is huge!!! Have been reading this space for years now and though I don't always comment (my mistake, I'm sorry!) I am already looking forward to read your book. I can only imagine your excitement.
    Loved how simply you shared your story, most published authors develop a ego, but I think you aren't going to be one of them. 🙂
    Many more to come, right? All the best!


    (October 19, 2013 - 6:06 pm)

    This is amazing! We have a flood of un-readable book in the market today, and I sincerely hope that yours will be a great read. Have ordered it online, had a few delivery issues but all is well now. Will write to you once I finish reading. Godspeed.


    (October 19, 2013 - 6:07 pm)

    Okay somehow my wordpress ID is not being accepted…strange. Sorry for posting the above comment twice, but please remove the word verification :-

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