Lights – Camera – Announcement!

Darlings, I’m on cloud 9, I’m dancing with joy, I’m scared and I’m nervous all at once because – There’s no way of downplaying this so I’m flaunting it in the best way I can – My book is being published and will be in stores next month, i.e. August 2013. Oh. My. God. Saying […]

What’s Age Got To Do With It?

“Wanna go out for coffee?’ Husband asks. “Eh.” I say, slumping on the couch in my sweat pants of two days. We drink instant coffee in mismatched cups. “How about good dinner?” Husband inquires. “Huh?” I say disoriented, stuffing dirty laundry into the washing machine. We eat Maggi and sip Coke. “There’s a new movie […]

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