One Year Already?

Feels like yesterday when we first met – I still wish I’d worn better clothes and higher heels.  I often giggle as I remember the formal ‘Hey! Ssup..’ texts we sent each other for a week after meeting – and shiver remembering the first time we used the L word, months later.  I still think […]

Plight of a Constant Traveler

“I think the constant traveling is getting to me.” I grudgingly admit to my husband, who gives me his charming whatever-you-say smile and returns to unpacking our books. We are in our new house in a small town on the borders of Arunanchal and Assam. The view from the windows is breathtaking – It is […]

Is Being Too Nice Making You Sick?

  Being too nice is SO not me – Yes, that’s my starting line.I’m someone who is always real (at least I try!) and was previously known for misbehaving. I have admitted a lot of times that there are times when I not only enjoy being bitchy, but I feel supremely healthy. Seriously, you have […]

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