Of Books, Clients, Couples and Other Unrelated Things

Please note that I will be referring to the couple as a singular entity in this post, for two stupids together maketh a stupid couple. So. How stupid can the couples get? And by couples I mean NOT the married kind, like yours truly, or the serious couples who intend to stay together, but the […]

The Trouble With Dreams

Is that they are not real. And no matter how much you want to believe in them (in order to make them come true like the old saying goes), some are just too silly to believe in. Don’t know about you, but realizing that the silly ones will probably never come true, makes me want […]

Hello! I Work From Home.

Yes. I’m so cool. I work from home on my own clients. And when I started with my very first client, I was overwhelmed with pride and immediately made a list of all the great things about working from home. I also showed-off majorly to everyone who cared to listen. Most of the people in […]

One Year Already?

Feels like yesterday when we first met – I still wish I’d worn better clothes and higher heels.  I often giggle as I remember the formal ‘Hey! Ssup..’ texts we sent each other for a week after meeting – and shiver remembering the first time we used the L word, months later.  I still think […]

Plight of a Constant Traveler

“I think the constant traveling is getting to me.” I grudgingly admit to my husband, who gives me his charming whatever-you-say smile and returns to unpacking our books. We are in our new house in a small town on the borders of Arunanchal and Assam. The view from the windows is breathtaking – It is […]

Is Being Too Nice Making You Sick?

  Being too nice is SO not me – Yes, that’s my starting line.I’m someone who is always real (at least I try!) and was previously known for misbehaving. I have admitted a lot of times that there are times when I not only enjoy being bitchy, but I feel supremely healthy. Seriously, you have […]

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