Santa Facts.

I have been gone for like forever, and I haven’t even logged in to blogger for ages but Christmas is here and I cannot break my Christmas-blogpost routine. So here I am. For a long due post, this one is going to be a disappointment because I am not writing anything, just conveying my thoughts […]

Baby Sitting – Never Again

Now, I really think that the kids these days are getting cleverer than ever, cleverer than it’s necessary for their own good. I mean seriously, what is it with these kids? They are way way WAY too smart for people like me, for people from my generation. I feel old already. There is like a […]

The Anti Love-Guru

That’s me. Throughout my adult life – wait, throughout my entire life I’ve hated to have committed people about me. Serious. And whenever one of my friends got committed, I have tried my level best (and even succeeded many times) to help break up. Against their will, obviously. But who cares. Single friends are the […]

On Writers

And their female fan following. I recently met Jeffrey Archer in Landmark, Gurgaon and thus this post. Like most of the avid readers, I am also a fan of Archer. “Kane and Able” gave me goose bumps while “The Prodigal Daughter” made me pretend like Florentyna Kane for days – Independent, ambitious and adamant. This […]

When I am not around….

…and I am not updating my blog, things that I might be doing: Having shit loads of fun in my soooooper cool life, with no time to type. On a vacation to some exotic place far far away from Internet and people. In true love with my man, whom I would have finally found, making […]

What a weekend

‘Insane’ is the word I’m looking for. I almost got scared I was having so much fun, really. You know – The moment where you’ve exhausted your daily dose of laughter and the back of your head pains and your tummy hurts and eyes water and you want the joke to bloody end, to stop […]

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