I Promised Romance: Things I love About Being In Love

I promised, right?  So even if romance is not my territory, here I am.  Blame it on the unexpected May rains that are constantly hitting Delhi-Gurgaon – not in a positive way, but in a depressing-nostalgic-blue-gloomy-‘what the hell !’ way. Rains always do this to me, I get low because I don’t really like to be stuck […]

Paintings by Kids

-(Not mine – the Paintings, neither the Kids)“Who the hell makes a living by painting?” was what my parents yelled at me when I expressed the wish to be a painter when I grow up. I was 12 years of age – and fairly dumb as compared to 12 year olds of today – and […]

Predict-Everyone’s-Future Day

I have survived a 3rd degree sun burn while rafting, I have emerged from a ‘who am I?’ kind of reflective phase and have dealt with a bitch from a client company. The only good things being the fun I had on the raft and a special interest. (Okay I won’t say more about it). […]

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