Christmas and New Years

Two things all over the place are 1.) Christmas and 2.) New Year, so how can I not have an opinion about it and not write about it? Starting with Christmas, I must say I love the entire Christmas feeling – the cold I always seem to catch during the season, the Christmas carols that […]

Terrorism: Why India, and other questions

Unclear and confused post alert! I know it’s a bit late to have a post dedicated on Mumbai Terror attacks – but I want you to know that I wanted to write something sooner, but I didn’t want another arbitrary-unstructured-emotional dump of words kind of a rant like I did for the Delhi Blasts a […]

Month Long Drama

I have a ‘write a post!’ yellow post-it note sticking to my desk phone at office and my DVD box (which lies besides my bed) at home. And still I managed to ignore it for a month. Hehe. The reason I didn’t post for a full month, besides my laziness, is a month full of […]

Virginity: Over rated?

Really, is virginity so important? Why can guys get away with being obsessed with it? Does it really matter in a relationship? Or can you tell a person’s behaviour in association with his/her sexual past? Is virginity only for girls? Seriously, is virginity overrated? A email conversation with a school friend of mine who has […]

Serial Blasts in Delhi, yet again.

Delhi. 13 Sept 2008 9:20 pm. Serial Blasts in Delhi. 20 dead and over 90 injured. Indian Mujahiddin takes responsibility. No matter how weird it might sound, but I m teary eyed right now. I have goose bumps and i want to go do something – anything at all! What kind of life we are […]

Type of Men

Okay so what if I don’t have a boyfriend, what if I don’t believe in men, what if I am not really qualified to talk about the subject and what if my dream men are all literary characters sitting on a shelf in my room – I still have a right to write about men, […]

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