Be-Really-Angry Day!

I told you before that when life get a little boring, I celebrate days. I’ve mentioned one here. Today was one of those days that will go down in history of Washington and/or Kota. I was very angry today. Was angry at everything, everyone and every no-one. Was angry at things that happened, things that […]

Meaow! Meaow! – A Survey.

I called Satan this evening. He answered the call with a lazy “….Heylow?” Lazy is Satan’s default mode. No, preferred mode. Or maybe both. Yes, both – default and preferred mode. Add popular to the list too. Anyway, he answered the call and I said “Meaow! Meaow!” And thus, the need for an enlightening survey […]

Updates from a workaholic

Of course that’s me!! Okay. So here we go: – Update 1. Now I am avaliable at Yippie! Check it out ppl. See, I’m getting hi-tech in techni color. 😛 😛 Update 2. I got a nasty cut from the clumsy almirah of my new Gurgaon room. Two drops of blood oozed out. I […]

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