Miss me, Delhi!

I have shifted to Gurgaon, I’m missing Delhi a lot and I’m sure Delhi is missing me as much. No matter how much I crib about Delhi- the heat, the crowd, the distances, the people, being a single women in a metro, blah blah – I am connected to the place deeply. I am at […]

Why are all the “Good Ones” taken?

…..Confusion Alert!…… There is guaranteed confusion in the post below. Chances are, all will fail to make sense out of it, including I, me and Myself. Don’t blame me. **I play safe!!** …………………. Now this is just what I don’t like about you readers, jumping to conclusions so early. see? Just an innocent title is […]

This one is for you!

Yes, this one’s really for you, dear reader. Ahan. Look, I have this considerate part of me, hidden deep inside my being, and this part completely takes over me sometimes, like this one time, and I am all set to write a full post on something other than me. On people. Ummm….actually, for people, guiding […]

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