This April sucks!

The reasons: – Let me declare, the whole idea of April-Fool sucks. I was April Fooled about 5 and a half times. (Half because I was too pissed to reply to a SMS from a friend inviting me to a play. I realized it was a silly prank only yesterday) I am again Broke. I’ve […]

The Multiples of Me

My multiple personality disorders ahead- You Are a Wild Woman Sky diving on the first date? Why not? You’re up for almost anything, and that’s what guys love about you. You don’t back down from challenges, and you love to challenge others. You’re so wild it’s a little scary, but that’s usually a good thing! […]

Judging People

Don’t get the title wrong. I am not a judgemental person. Never. I don’t judge people, because after I’ve jumped to conclusions about them, there feels no need to judge and tax my brain. You agree? Thanks! Okay, so what I’m trying to say here is that at times I judge the mood of my […]

And what exactly is God doing???

He has not been answering any prayers lately. He doesn’t seem to care what the hell is happening in life. Neither for f#@k’s sake is he realizing what high expectations people have of Him. So what’s keeping him so busy? Thought about it a lot. No conclusions. Googled about it too. No answers. So here […]

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