Anti – Valentine’s

Long time, no posts.(If you noticed) 😛

I was waiting for the oh-so-beautiful-love season alias Valentine season to end.

As a single person (yes, you read it right!), let me tell you that I hate Valentine’s day and all the love-dove nonsense that comes along. What irritates me more is a list of things like red hearts, pink stuffies, mushy senseless music albums, dim-lit restaurants, over crowded McDonalds, all sort of lowwwweee movie releases on the nearest Friday and flower delivery from Dad. ouch! That hurt!


It happens each year, at least since I’m aware of it. My emotional inertia seems to strengthen on this little day. Hang on, did I make you think I was always like this? nah. There were days when I believed in the Valentine spirit, the season of loooowwwe. As a school girl, I dreamt of a Valentine’s day morning when I (dressed in a silk super-sexy night dress), casually opened my door and caught unaware in a shower of red rose petals. Please note that all this was supposed to be unexpected. Surprise. *Smile*.

But that was history. I don’t believe in the dream any more. It never happened with me I assure you, but on second thoughts, I guess that wouldn’t have made a difference. umm…except for a short termed boost for the feminine ego.

Another tricky thing to handle is a special type of people who take this as a golden opportunity to ask embarrassing questions about your plans for the evening, or worse, about a relationship status. A major turn off. I have learned to avoid this and more by now.

I am surely not a romantic-valentine’s-day-package and by now I know I will never be one of the girls carrying dozen of red roses back home. I stopped buying these for myself long back. 🙂

Valentine’s Day can wreck havoc if there’s a relation on its way out. Like a magnifying glass, this red letter day makes things bad. Worse if it forces you to rethink over a relationship that you though was over.

Where people become annoyingly sentimental on this particular day, I feel stressed out-

Fact1. Valentine’s Day theme is a no-no for me.

Fact2. My birthday falls on this very day, making it so stereotypically stupid.

This year I felt strangely panicky and edgy for the simple reason that I was not in Rajasthan, my home among my doting family where I seem to push off any such thoughts, but I was in Delhi where everyone and anyone other than me was dating, buying/collecting gifts, grooming for a candle light dinner or waiting for pleasant surprises. Come to think of it, I didn’t even get a new dress for my damn birthday!! uff!! This reminds me of the whole range of gifts that seem to swarm the market on such seasons-of-love. What weird thoughts people are sold to! A friend of mine was anticipating a cute chweeeet gift from her guy, who has proved his thoughtfulness on and off by gifting sensible things just when she needed them in life (for instance, a portable MP3 player loaded with her favourite songs when she started to travel a longer distance daily for job AND a set of electric rollers when she decided she needs to chop off her long hair becoz of the same boring hair style). But the guy apparently couldn’t think of a romantic gift and flunked this test of love, leaving my friend teary eyed (“oh! He’s so cold!”) with Osamu Tezuka’s eight-volume manga series about the life of Buddha, which she really wanted some time back. “But not at all as a valentine gift please!”-is her reaction. *gulp*

So now you know that Feb is not my favourite time, in spite of my birthday on 14th Feb. I tried to make my point clear here, I’m hoping the message went right. Not that I am against love. Not that I relish the single-is-the-best spirit. I am still jealous of my friends who have someone to turn to, someone to expect from and who don’t have to take a stranger’s advice while buying a tee shirt. But somehow I have developed an allergy for all the flaunting and as this year’s love-season has ended (hopefully), I am gaining my momentum back. Everything is getting back to normal, including friends who were frantic over love recently. The year is sure to be happening, my fingers are crossed (the year is going to be good for Aquarians like me, i read it HERE). Hope all my friends had a blast on Valentine’s. *giggle*

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2 thoughts on “Anti – Valentine’s

    Web Marketeer

    (March 6, 2007 - 9:27 am)

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm miss tried calling yday. but it seemed you were very much tied up wid your past life. any way like what you write.

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    (March 6, 2007 - 9:28 am)

    U know wat.. u shud label a day “Valentines” fr urself.. one day that U think was THE PERFECT!!!! think bout it…

    these things wnt flow in then .. wassay??

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