Anti – Valentine’s

Long time, no posts.(If you noticed) 😛 I was waiting for the oh-so-beautiful-love season alias Valentine season to end. As a single person (yes, you read it right!), let me tell you that I hate Valentine’s day and all the love-dove nonsense that comes along. What irritates me more is a list of things like […]

You Broke it…!??!

“I have given up…” He says. “Don’t…It’ll work out!! Trust me!!” She’s a little over Optimistic. Still!? “They won’t agree…”- His voice is low. “We’ll make them agree to it! It’s in our hands!”-She trembles. “Destiny…” “We’ll fight…just have faith.” She says. “I know there’s NO hope” (acknowledge the bold and italics in “NO”) “C’mon….there’s […]

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I know depression from very close. And I know that it needs to be talked about. I know that feeling helpless is a feeling that drain you out and sucks the very life out of you, but there is hope. Yes, there is hope and there is no shame is asking for help. You, my […]

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