Of Cold, Christmas, Chaos and Caution…..

I am high on Benadryl and I have so many things on my mind, that I obviously dont want to write HERE, thanks to my unintellignet ways to promote my blog. This cold has half killed me and my nose is red like Santa’s reindeer- what was his name??? Rudolph?? – and the boy from […]

Who plans days anyway?

Another day’s here Nothing’s really changed Ready to go out there with an overused bright smile and to take on another new day. Strategies, bullshit and Creatives Innovations, Story boards and fuck ups. Messy work station and tidy excel sheets- Meaningless rock songs and low volume ghazals. discharging batteries and noisy printers confusing fax and […]


Something’s happened to me. I’ve not been myself lately. Friends and people at work, everyone realized that. I realized I’ve been gone from the blogging scene since a long time now… wonder what was keeping me away! I didn’t write, didn’t read and hardly commented. Is it the mammoth work load or the lack of […]

Anon Issues…….and other cribs.

Dear Anonymous, I honestly think you have no life. Honestly. Do you have a life, or were you just born to spend it trying to make other bloggers feel miserable? Let me tell you, you fail. You suck. And over all, you have no etiquettes, no courtesy at all. You use words like B*@#h, OH […]

I moved your damn cheese!

What is with these self help books? Or those stupid philosophy novels? Who are the people who are buying them in the first place? Aaarrrggh!!! Relax. Okay. I’m in control. I’m alright. But what the hell? I got a book as a gift last evening *No, not from a guy but from my mom’s friend-trust […]

Help Me phlueeeezzzz…!!

Okay. Dont take the title too seriously. But its important. I need to push off from my current place by 2nd of Oct. and I need to find a place to live in Gurgaon, preferably DLF Phase 1. Why this urgency, you might want to ask. Here’s the explanation. I had to shift from where […]

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