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Travel News: Taiwan,The Country That Never Sleeps

A vacation in Taiwan is surely an unprecedented experience for a sole reason that Taiwan is a country that never sleeps. One has diverse places to explore starting from the morning when you open your eyes to mid-night when you are exhausted but still have a lot to soak up. One can start their day […]


Travel News: India – Maldives Ties To Get Stronger

​His Excellency Ahmed Mohamed, High Commissioner of the Republic of Maldives to India, speaks about the strong Bilateral relationship between India and Maldives. Indo Maldivian commercial ties date back centuries when sea farers established trading ties between the southern coast of India and the Maldives. Thus, bilateral relations between India and Maldives are centuries old. […]

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Travel News: Try Farm Stay During Your Trip To New Zealand

Are you planning a Trip to New Zealand? Try the charm of Farm Stay in New Zealand. Step outside the cities and away from beaches, and New Zealand’s productive green pastoral landscapes, punctuated with cute farm animals and agricultural activity are a big part of what any visitor to this country will see. You already know […]

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Travel News: Taiwan is World’s Friendliest Country

Time for some feel-good Travel News, my traveller friends! I am just back from a property review in the Himalayas and while I am processing the pictures and memories, I came across this Happy News from Taiwan. Time to plan a Taiwan trip, right? A lot of surveys over a lot of years have revealed […]

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Visit Maldives Year: Travel News

Maldives is a dream destination for almost all of us travellers, and it’s good to share this happy news with everyone who is planning a trip to this exotic spot.  I know I am! Maldives crossed a big milestone in the tourist arrival target of Visit Maldives Year with the welcoming of 750,000th tourist this […]

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Trip To Taiwan: Dream Destinations

A Taiwan Trip because I am smitten by the uniqueness of the most underrated travel destination to travel in Asia. Dream Destinations is now a legit label on this Travel Blog because I have about a million places to cover, and my list of dream destinations that I want to explore and experience, just keeps growing. […]

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