Brown Beach House Design Hotel Croatia

The Brown Beach House Design Hotel Croatia: Now Open!

During my trip to Tel Aviv, I stayed at a stunning boutique hotels called Brown TLV Urban Hotel. I completely loved the stay, the service and the very modern approach of the hotel towards technology (more on this below). And now it’s branch is opening in one of my Dream Destinations – Croatia. From what […]

Why Visit Israel

Why Visit Israel: My Video To Tempt You

I went to Israel in May 2016. It is Sept now and I still get to hear things like “Do you think I should visit Israel?” and the more common – “Wow, never thought of Israel as a travel destination!” The famous collection of various 10 Things You MUST See Before You Die lists are […]

Tel Aviv Travel Blog Post

Snapshots From Tel Aviv: Travel Tales

Tel Aviv: Buzzing with energy. Urban, and how! Chic and Cosmopolitan. It’s no secret to people who know me in real life, that I loved Israel. Come to think of it, my readers also know it, I’ve written so much about it already! Okay, so this post is happening because I was finally backing up […]

Exploring Israel, Woodland Explore More

Exploring Israel: Adventure With Woodland

Rappelling and Scooby diving, Hikes and Sky Diving – My trip to Israel was full of adventure and with Woodland as the outdoor partner, it was all that I had imagined, and more.

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My Israel Trip, And Why I Loved It.

Travel Changes you. You never come back from a trip the same as you were before you started. Similar is the story of my Israel trip. I got back from a week-long Israel trip just a day back, and I can already tell that something in me has changed. Ever since I sat on the […]

Shalom from Israel: A Short Travel Update

I am typing this on my broken phone from the Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel – so this is going to be a very short update about this incredible trip that I never thought I’d take. Being an Indian Army Wife, I am obviously in love with the Israeli army and their fierce combat […]

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