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Ganpati Festivities With Stayzilla Home Stay

For someone who travels so much, it’s a little strange that I had not tried Home Stay options in India until very recently. I’ve stayed with families and a couple of home stays internationally, but never considered a home stay when travelling within India. Whenever I think of home stays in India, first of all, […]

Seegreen Lodges Mussoorie review

Going Offbeat With The Kid: Seegreen Lodges in Mussoorie

I currently live in Dehradun, so Mussoorie is obviously a regular haunt for the family. We, however, tend to enjoy Offbeat and Adventure Travel more than a stroll on the Mall Road. A stroll on the mall road is super fun by the way, nothing against it – but it gets kind of tiring and […]


Nothing Like The ITC Maurya Hospitality!

In May this year, I went to stay at the ITC Maurya for three days. I was hosted by them, as I was a part of their illustrious Responsible Luxury initiative. I had already stayed with them before and had loved the entire experience to bits. I mean, famous restaurants like Bhukhara, beautiful pool bar like […]

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Hotel Formule1: New Standards for Comfort & Class

It has been a week’s break since I last posted something here, but I have been extremely busy travelling and working – mostly, travelling for work. And that is how I discovered Hotel Formule1 by Accor Hotels. So this is a Hotel Review, and I am glad I experienced it. You know how much I […]

Neemrana Fort Resort Review, Hotel review blog, resort review blog, travel blogger, top travel blog in India

The Perfect Weekend Getaway From Delhi: Neemrana Fort Resort

The Neemrana Hotel chain needs no introduction, and years before I booked a stay at the Neemrana Fort Palace in Alwar (2.5 hours drive from Gurgaon), I had already heard a million good things about the place and was one of my dream destinations.    The Neemrana Fort Palace near Delhi   It is true […]

Goa in Monsoons: Travel Tales

Goa is the ultimate beach destination for beach bums not only in India, but across the globe. I am one of them!  The beaches, the water sports, the culture and the yum-yum-yummy food – together they concoct a plan to makes me crave for a Goa visit every year! Typically the season for Goa is […]

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