14 Offbeat Travel Pictures From Sursingdhar in The Himalayas

Offbeat Travel is my idea of relaxing. Recently, I wrote a post in Sursingdhar on Tripoto, right after my first visit to Sursingdhar in New Tehri, and after that I have been to this Offbeat Heaven a lot of times. The Himalayan Eco Lodges and Camps in Sursingdhar have a spectacular location that overlooks the […]


A Trip To Diu For Festa De Diu – Asia’s Longest Beach Festival

I am just recovering from my amazing trip to Hong Kong, and plans for Turkey in March are already at whispering stages – but I’m still lurking on-line to find out the perfect family holiday destination for December. My idea of a perfect Winter Holiday Destination is a warm and sunny place, preferably with a […]

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