I’m living with a guy.

I have been long gone. 
Longer than ever. I mean I have had mood swings, nothing-to-write-about days and no-time-for-the-blog stretches before, but this has been my longest no writing span ever. And so much has happened while I was away from my blog that kept me crazy busy in a forgetting-everything-else-that-exists way that when I finally wanted to write again, I couldn’t decide what to report, where to start. *breathes in
There’s so much, so so SO damn much to write about that I cannot do it in one go. I had to settle on writing about it in pieces. Wokay? I’ll start with the biggest update. I’m living with a guy. No kidding. Me, yes. With a guy. Remember my staying in a apartment in Gurgaon all on my own for 3 years? Well, that is past tense. I have moved in with a guy now, yes, serious ‘moving in’. I have had a thing for him for quite some time, but when he finally asked, I – like a typical stupid lovelorn girl I didn’t know I could be- couldn’t remember how to speak. I did nod, though. So that was it. 
It’s been full 6 months now (OMG, that’s how long I’ve been NOT writing! My baby, my first love, me darlin’ blog – please dont give up on me, I am still the same person.) and I think I now qualify as an expert on the subject of living with a guy and its quirks. *smile
Quirks, yes, like wanting to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S when he wants to watch some soccer match in an entirely different country. Like me not letting the spongy slippers get wet while in the washroom and him – making them wet and splashing water all over the cleaned house by walking in those wet slippers. Like buying 2 amazing lip-colors and beaming at myself, and him, appreciating both so innocently, not knowing I haven’t yet put the second one for him to see. You see? But like all of you already know all of these things, I too knew about this guy-ish behavior before. I’ve read Cosmo and it teach us and prepare us for this in advance. No big deal. But what I didn’t know, what I didn’t experience everrr is this thing about him being-there always and its amazing. AMAZING. 
He’s always there when I hurt my foot in a clumsy attempt at ‘single-ladies’ dance moves, when I am cooking and he can nicely camp in front of the TV watching some more soccer or some silly stocks market review but he stands by my side constantly trying to help (I overlook the mess his help causes, what is a little mess, really, in the greater scheme of things?), when I wake up a little in the nights to see him waking up too and drowning me in his huge arms. For my 5 feet 4 inches, he really is huge. And cute, in a boy-ish way. It is so fresh and strange and tugging-at-heart and scary – all at the same time. 
Its a wonderful time of my life, thinking of which I get goose bumps. Am I allowed to be this happy? How did I land up with this great guy? First I thought this was a dream, but its been 6 months now. Too long for a dream. This is real, and I am sure I was someone really good in my past life. Like some freedom fighter who died for the freedom of the country…or a scientist who invented some life saving drug from some serious illness…Or Mother Teresa even. No not her, she was alive when I was born, someone else, someone equally good and noble. How else do you justify this bliss? Hmph. 
Whatever it is, I am enjoying myself and I am managing okay on my own with the cooking, the setting up of the house (which is quite exciting as opposed to what i used to think), with hosting dinner parties almost every week and with wearing a saree once every 15 days for some formal party. Being a part of a couple is not as bad as I used to think. In fact, its fun. *Smile
And here is a picture of me with him at a beach. Remember my no-pictures-of-myself-on-this-blog rule? Its bullshit, I know, but I once made that rule for myself and I’ve been sticking to it till now for some reason. This pic is okay in a way though. See it to know. More in the next post – my adventures of the new life. Ta!

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