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In Love With Hong Kong Streets: Travel Tales

If you’ve seen my pictures on Instagram, Twitter or my Facebook Page – you already know my fascination for Hong Kong Streets. I have a million pictures of various streets, and half of them are of me in those streets, failing to pose well. During both my Hong Kong trips, I have explored the city […]

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Five Thing You Didn’t Know About Hong Kong

My second Hong Kong trip just came to an end and I am missing it already! I was in Hong Kong in June first week for the RISE Conference and this was my second visit to the stunning city with an infectious energy. During my first visit to Hong Kong, I had covered pretty much […]

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Somebody To Lean On

Blow a kiss, fire a gun We need someone to lean on Blow a kiss, fire a gun All we need is somebody to lean on. That’s correct – no matter how successful, strong or independent we are, we all need someone we can trust completely. No matter what stage of life we’re at, we […]


Seven Cool Things About RISE Conference Day 1

Highlights of my Day 1 at the RISE Conference in Hong Kong.

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My Israel Trip, And Why I Loved It.

Travel Changes you. You never come back from a trip the same as you were before you started. Similar is the story of my Israel trip. I got back from a week-long Israel trip just a day back, and I can already tell that something in me has changed. Ever since I sat on the […]

Shalom from Israel: A Short Travel Update

I am typing this on my broken phone from the Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel – so this is going to be a very short update about this incredible trip that I never thought I’d take. Being an Indian Army Wife, I am obviously in love with the Israeli army and their fierce combat […]

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The Type Of Heartbreak…

… that breaks you in pieces, not because of the love you lost – in fact, I don’t think love is even in consideration here – but because of the realization that you gave someone or something a power this big, against your better judgement. That type of heartbreak is the worst. I found the […]