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My Israel Trip, And Why I Loved It.

Travel Changes you. You never come back from a trip the same as you were before you started. Similar is the story of my Israel trip. I got back from a week-long Israel trip just a day back, and I can already tell that something in me has changed. Ever since I sat on the […]

Shalom from Israel: A Short Travel Update

I am typing this on my broken phone from the Ben Gurion International Airport in Israel – so this is going to be a very short update about this incredible trip that I never thought I’d take. Being an Indian Army Wife, I am obviously in love with the Israeli army and their fierce combat […]

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The Type Of Heartbreak…

… that breaks you in pieces, not because of the love you lost – in fact, I don’t think love is even in consideration here – but because of the realization that you gave someone or something a power this big, against your better judgement. That type of heartbreak is the worst. I found the […]

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day, Ma!

Dear Ma Happy Mother’s Day! I am going to make little sense here, but read on anyway. If I were to count the times you’ve put me before yourself, I’d go crazy. I can’t count that far, you know numbers were never my thing (sorry Papa!). But words are kind of my thing, so instead […]

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When I’m Not Around: Part 4-ish

I just tweeted today the just because I am not writing anything on my blog, well meaning sheeple have happily assumed I’m busy writing a new book. I don’t want to disappoint you kind folks, but – I am gonna. Sorry. As much as I wished it were true, I am not writing my next […]

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Lenovo VIBE X3 Review: New Smart Phone Below 20K

By now, you are well aware of my obsession for latest gadgets, mostly phones. There is some attractive gadget being released almost every month now, so no dearth of temptation for people like me. After using and reviewing the Asus Zenfone Zoom, I got lucky again and this time it is the Lenovo VIBE X3. Lenovo […]

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Most Colourful Cities of The World – And A Contest!

When I think of the World’s Most Colourful Cities – the first city that comes to my mind is Mathura during the festival of Holi! It sure is one of the most colourful cities in India, and possibly in the World, though I am yet to see the world. Hong Kong also springs up on […]

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Sri Lanka Can Be Your Next Adventure Destination!

It was a  lazy Sunday morning when my college friend sent me pictures from her Sri Lanka trip. She was on a wildlife safari with elephants, she was in an hot air balloon over a picturesque landscape and she was jumping in the ocean for a refreshing swim – in short, she was having an […]

My List of 6 Must-Try Water Sports in Goa, best beach destination in India

Water Sports in Goa: Adventure Tales

Goa is every traveler’s first love, me included! I have written about how much I love Goa in the Monsoons and I know some of you have experienced Goa amidst the rains, and loved it. But when it comes to Goa, picking one thing over another is extremely difficult. The beaches in winters are as […]

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Postcards From Vietnam: Travel Tales

Vietnam is probably on every travel-addict’s Dream Destination wish list, and I’m no exception. Ever since I was in school, tales of Vietnam War have kept me captive. When I was in college, a couple of guys from my batch planned their Trip to Vietnam for months and when they finally got back from their […]